Friday, October 16, 2009

Following one of new favorite blogs, she posed the question today..."What makes you happy?" and well I immediately came up with one answer after another.I am so thankful for everyday,even every moment.But as I later realized there was something of a surprise that made me go back and answer her.Here is what I said...

"Hello and thank you for your lovely words today.I read them a couple of hours ago and your question kept nagging at me.There are so many answers, and for this I feel huge gratitude.I think what makes me happy most are the moments free of distraction.Moments when your body functions mechanically and yet you are alone with your thoughts.Like the shower for example,there you stand mechanically doing what you are supposed to be doing,but your mind drifts to the lovely smell of the soap,the way the water feels as it rushes down your face.Moments without distraction..allowing me to wonder,dream,organize,reflect and briefly be with no other than myself.Most days are filled with to-do's and I find myself cherishing my little moments.Thank you,Cat"

And so when you find yourself listening to the background of life,....smiling as you hear the laughter in the other room, the chimes on the back porch,..the water as it hits your shower floor...know you are,in the moment,and cherish it.

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Brenda LaBell said...

Cat, very nicely put. Just slapped me into a reality check. Cherish the moments, kind of the old saying remember to stop and smell the roses!!! What a breath of fresh air after listing for the last 4 hours. Thanks for the breather. And thank you for your kind words on my ACEOs.