Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Information on the Jewelry Round Robin.
This bracelet is the only one I ever created and was fortunate enough to sell.I had so much fun making it,I started reading how to books and now I am just in love with the idea of making charms.In "A Charming Exchange" by Kelly Snelling and Ruth Rae,they talked about doing a round robin idea,where one person starts the charm bracelet and then its mailed to the next person,and they create a charm for it and so on.The bracelet ends up with the person who originated the idea.I thought it would be a wonderful idea to try it out,changing it a wee bit,where we would auction off the bracelet on EBAY and donate all the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Foundation.If you would like to join me in creating this bracelet,please email me at cat1@cfl.rr.com I will be posting the artists that participate,links to their blogs,and updates on the bracelet.

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