Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some new listings for tonight.The first a new Resin filled Pendent.It's filled with a reprint photo,watch pieces,crystal,micro beads and sticker.
Two wooden ornaments made with premium papers,die-cuts,garland and chipboard.

My second Bracelet.This one is called "Flying in Autumn".Made with hand made charms and store bought charms.

A new Christmas inspired Felt book.This four panel book is full of premium paper,vintage reprints,chip board,Brads,crystals and more.Thanks for taking the time to visit today!!Cat


Anonymous said...

Cat, you have been working so hard, how many wonderful pieces!! Thanks for your comments and I'm happy you like my new dolls :)

Brenda LaBell said...

Cat they are all so pretty!! Sure hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How pretty everything is! I need to learn to work beads into wire to hang things! It's such a pretty touch! I love charm bracelets! Very nice!

Viola said...

Wonderful artwork!! So gorgeous!!

Em-illi said...

This is all so cute!:)