Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The List

I just happened to be reading back on some older posts and I realized I have
already passed the one year mark in Blogworld..Holy Smokes!!This journey has meant more to me than you can possibly know.I have enjoyed sharing my art,my thoughts and even my nonsense.Thank you for coming along with me on this road to self discovery.

Here are some photos of early work.Photos I no longer had on this computer and they were a pleasure to see again.

"The Dress"

"Let them Eat Cake"

"Butterfly Fairy Block"

The other day I posted a comment on a wonderful blog it was about staying centered,finding your self in a busy,distracted world.I told her that in my little craft room,I have framed "my loves" ..Words that remind me of the things I love...For example...I love reading Jane Austin,..

..I love Poetry,quotes,..I love to create,I love my daughters inner beauty,I love Period movies,..

I love rain on my face,breezes,I love spending time with myself,my husbands strength,the feel of grass,....
I love filtered sun,watching a flock a birds,my sons laughter,I love kindness,and compassion,I love my mothers hands..

A few..from a long list of loves.These frames have become my backbone,they have held me up when I'm feeling lost,confused, even frustrated.They center me.Every once in a while,I need to remember what I love...outside of the obvious.
I come across so many woman that take care of others,...putting every one before themselves.Every ounce of energy they put into organizing a household,...working,..mothering...wife,....I'm just saying,...sometimes....we need to love remembering what makes us happy and why we are,what we are..
Whats on your List?

As always,thank you so much for stopping by


The Josie Baggley Company said...

Hi Cat. I like the way you use the music manuscript in these pieces.Congrats to you on reaching your first year in Blogsphere. You've reminded me that I also have missed marking the same occasion by two weeks!


NuminosityBeads said...

Thanks for reminding me that one can go dimensional with the altered art. I've been focusing on flat and raised surfaces so far.

Thanks for sharing your loves.

Debby said...

Great post, Cat! Love your art and so glad you are having a wonderful time in blogland.

Carol Mae said...

Hi Cat, Thanks for the nice words about the pocket journal. I love your art work, I'm always checking your blog for the new things you make. Your such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your loves, my are very much the same. You gave me something to think about. Think I'll do some refecting myself. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Carol Mae

Brenda LaBell said...

Congrats on your 1st year anniversary!!! Love the dress!! LOL, I was wondering what happened you your post yesturday, and you already know I love the idea of your framed love list!!! Such a great idea and a great way to keep focused and smile.

Happy Creating

peggy gatto said...

Congratulations!!!!! Time flies!
I loved seeing your pictures and of course your art!!!
This is such a comfortable place to visit!!!!

Karen said...

Wonderful Blog! Good to see other RUSTY'S out there! I am giddy looking at your creativity..
nice to know you..K

luthien said...

congratulations on hitting the 1 year mark my fren :)) love the images you shared with us today ... especially mom's hands :) a very very heartwarming post :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your one year blogging, Cat! I love your words and pictures. Your words rang true for me, today...sometimes I do forget to take care of little ol me. My little studio is a place where I can just be me, nobody's mom, nobody's caregiver...just ME. And I let my creative soul come out to play. I wonder how people who have no hobbies do it, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Cat, it is so nice to see your earlier art, love the paper skirts! Yeah 1 year, so cool! I love blogging and so pleased you do too.
Have a fabulous week!



^..^Corgidogmama said...

This was such an insightful, thoughtful, heartfelt and sharing post Cat...just beautiful. My eyes misted...
We all give so much of ourselves to others, and we were all brought up to do so...
Your words will touch every one who comes to read them. Thank you for sharing them with us, and making us think, and feel..that it's perfectly fine to think of US...too!

College Term Papers said...

I really admire this, I mean it really looks interesting! I'm actually glad to see all this stuff, to see that this world offers creativity and ideas other than what my lonesome small town provides. This world is quite the big place and to encounter a story such as this one just puts me out of my ordinary. I got a hand it to whoever wrote this, you've really kept me updated! Now, let's just hope that I can come across another Blog just as interesting :)

Lisa said...

It keeps you grounded. I also love your mothers hands. that one the best!
So it was a good year? Onward and forward, I'm glad we ran into each other, your thoughtful quotes on the side bar...I look forward to them, and I find you have a deep retrospect of the simple, things a lot of people pass right by. Thank you Cat,


sharon said...

Your art is beautiful, as is your post today, and the thoughts you have shared. Because of all this you have shown that you have a beautiful soul.
I "love" many things, but I too have been blogging for about a year, and it is meeting people like you that touch my life that keeps me grounded and reminds me life is good! Hugs

Andrea Saujani said...

Congratulations on hitting the one year mark. I've really been enjoying following your work and adventures in blogland! Very inspirational writing! Warmly, Andrea

La Dolce Vita said...

congrats!! you have to celebrate!!! my one year mark is next month... it is quite the accomplishment I think! awesome!

Angela Recada said...

Congratulations on your first year of blogging! I loved seeing the photos of your earlier work. And your list of loves was lovely.

Cobblestone Creations said...

Reflection is a treat isn't it? And one we should indulge in more often.

I don't really have a list ~ just a quote that I see each day as I wake ~

"There's beauty all around our paths, if but our wathful eyes can trace it 'midst familiar things and through their lowly guise." ~ Felicia Hemans

Congratulations on your anniversary!!!

Riki Schumacher said...

Absolutely! you have to take care of yourself as well, honor your time and your talent. We deserve it! I love the photos of your work, and especially love the fairy piece, stunning! Thanks for stopping by Cat, appreciate the kind words. Love what you love as well, like those period movies, yes! Take care, Riki

Kass said...

What a wonderful wonderful blog. I'm enthralled!

Cindy said...

Cat, I was so surprised that you've only been blogging forg a year. Your blog is so rich, so inviting and beautiful... seems that it would have taken years to develop such a wonderful blog. But for you it must come easy because you have a way with words, photography and art! Thanks for sharing some of your beginning images that I missed - before I began following your blog. Your pictures are so pretty (The Dress), and moving (your Mother's hands). Congrats on your 1st Anniversary!

Janee said...

Hi Cat, Thank you so much for discovering my little blog, I'm so glad you did! And, now I've found you! You have an absolutely gorgeous blog. I love this post in particular and I'm so looking forward to reading more and following your artistic adventures. Thank you!
(Blinkles Boulevard)

whymsicalmusings said...

Cat what a beautiful beautiful post above this one on friends. I am so grateful to know you. What a lovely lovely person you are.

I really love the Butterfly Fairy she is simply Scrumptous!