Monday, March 1, 2010

Making Each One Count

I cried for you today...It wasn't a sad cry...It was a ...I am a better person for knowing you Cry.

"Friends come in and out of your life, like a busboy in a fancy restaurant."
I'm not sure where I heard that..perhaps a movie,or a song,but for years I have had that quote tucked away in a drawer inside my mind.For the most part,I believe it to be true.Throughout the course of my many have come and gone.Some move away,some just quietly disappear,Life just happens.That's why one day(not so very long ago)I consciously made the decision to make each one count.I have reached the point in my life,where I truly believe that each soul that crosses my path..was placed there for a reason.Its up to me to be open enough to figure out WHY.....

Sure..some are there to annoy and even distract me,(they tend to be the "bitter and angry with the world" souls)but most,..MOST have come in with the tide,molding me like sand,leaving gifts of glitter and gold.They have been placed in my path to help me teach...And most have gone as quickly as they came.

From some that came and went I love for history,I learned lessons on patience and kindness,my need for poetry,lessons on mothering,I even learned how to relax...well a bit anyway,I learned about forgiveness, and inner strength...Souls that,perhaps with out them even knowing it,have shaped me into what I am today.
I am still learning,..everyday..Like the work associate that has mountains of stress on her shoulders and still manages to smile and express kindness,or the teacher that sweetly smiles at me,while I drop off my second grader,and the chaos in the classroom grows louder,or what about the sweet old couple that I passed in the grocery store,walking hand in hand,going at their pace,in their own little world of togetherness.
Most lessons come from the ones that pass you by quickly.Do you see them?

I met Renee in Blogworld. I know,..what kind of lessons can you learn from someone that you have never even met? Well,your right..I don't know her,never met her,but she has changed me.Her love spilled over to each and everyone of us that ever shared a word with her.Love...thats what I continue to learn from her.Her love for her husband and mother and daughters and family..This kind of love has no barriers.It is real,and I am so thankful to know her.I am ...a better person for knowing her.Thank you Sweet Renee.

As always,thank you so much for stopping by


Julie said...

What an absolutely beautiful post, Kat. I felt every word--and I agree whole-heartedly...we are all here to bless each others lives, in one way or another. You expressed this so beautifully...thank-you for blessing my life today. I sometimes forget to slow down and remember this--thanks for the reminder!

This blog world is a beautiful place--I, too, have met so many wonderful women I never would have met otherwise...and even though we've never "seen" each other, souls do reach out somehow with just these type-written words, and we connect. What a wonderful thing!

Hope your day is just beautiful! I'm off to meet your lovely friend!

Petite Paperie said...

Cat, this is such a wonderfully insightful post!

I too believe every soul that touches your life, is meant to be a lesson teacher.

For those that frustrate me, I am learning the patience of silent acceptance.

Beautiful souls like yours, teach me that creativity can quiet the mind, making the world stand still for a few minutes.

Renee's blog is wonderful. Such raw emotion and truth without barriers.

I struggle with letting down my walls. Why is it we can't seem to fully bare our souls until we are learning how to die? Is that possibly life's final lesson?

I hope you know how many lives you touch and inspire. Have a Wonderful day and make it count:0)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post about friends, Cat!
I was just telling my husband the other day how the Lord's blessed my life. I have sisters that I call friends and share everything with. I have several very close friends that I call "sisters". I know they will always support me besides lifting my days up. I have my christian friends that have the same goals as I, and hold me accountable. I have my creative friends with whom I share my love of art. And most of all, I have my BUNKO ladies that I can just have plain fun with (we have been playing together for 7 years). I couldn't have asked for more...but yet, He gives me more. Absolutely look forward to reading your blogs, Cat...always so inspiring! Have a wonderful day!

peggy gatto said...

Thank you!

Christina said...

i cherish every word, Renee has handed to me.
thank you, for this.

Brenda LaBell said...

Beautiful post Cat!! I also believe that paths cross for a reason. Each will add something unique into our lives. Renee touched so many lives including mine. Thank you for inspiring me and for touching my life!


Angela Recada said...

What a lovely post!

I feel the same way about our dear Renee - there is no one else like her. Never did I think that someone from a blog could so deeply impact my life, and the lives of so many others. Her love expanded with every person she encountered. She had a true gift. Through her blog, she brought so many people together who otherwise would probably never have found each other.

I know I found your blog through her, and I'm very glad I did.

Hugs and love,

luthien said...

what a lovely heartfelt post cat! i savored every moment and visualize everything you said from the classroom of second graders to the couple ... the energy you gave to this posting is immense! thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts with us today :)

OneCraftyFox said...

How nice! I just parted ways with a girlfriend who dropped by with her 3-month old. We went for a lovely walk in the sunshine. I hope you are having a beautiful day :)

SilkandBone said...

Cat, what a wonderful post! I cherish my friends too- and also believe that the people that we meet have something to share with us and/or to teach us.
Thanks so much for this and your continual kindness- I always love seeing your comments on my blog and appreciate your support.
Best wishes to you and yours!!!

Cindy said...

Cat, you sure put such wonderful thoughts "on paper"... now that you mention it, I sure agree...that people are placed in our paths for a reason. And that we shouldn't take all of the varied souls in our lives for grantid. Somehow you have captured these thoughts and expressed them so eloquently. Just having gone grocery shopping today, I can picture that couple you mentioned. And as I have a second grader as well, I can see the teacher looking up from her work to smile. I'm so happy that you have crossed my path in this great big blog world. Thanks for the smile I feel inside!

Sherry said...

Thank you Cat for this wonderful post and the reminder. I am looking at what you wrote in a different way. I am now in a place where I need to release some friendships or connections and it is not easy. If we believe that everything happens for a reason, endings happen for reasons too.


Lisa said...

I believe you, and maybe your beautiful posts are to remind me. Many years ago I had to let go of a friend, it wasn't easy,to tell a needy person to move on. At this time in my life that person has resurfaced, and now I know it's because there wasn't complete closure. Yes, a do over! Thanks Cat,

Hugs, Lisa

Kim said...

Your blog is like a whisper in my ear. Thank you! And you know I love speaks to me!