Monday, April 12, 2010

Waiting for the Storm to pass..

Happy Monday Everyone!!The weather here has been absolutely glorious with a breeze that can make your heart sing.We are trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as we can before the Florida heat kicks in and confines us to the AC...But even with this wonderful weather,I must admit I have been out of sorts lately.Cannot seem to define it,but its troubling me.

The other day at my sons baseball game,while my daughter and I sat on the bleachers waiting for the game to start,I couldn't help but notice a mother two rows down,playing with her 6-7 year old.As my daughter read and I fiddled around with my camera,they played "Restaurant". She was the waitress,and he ordered wonderful dishes from his imagination..dishes like,..roast spaghetti,lollipop casserole,cupcake stuffed with brownies...and Mommy wrote down his order in her imaginary pad and yelled them off to the "Chef"..daddy.. of course!
It was sweet and simple and was exactly what I needed at that moment in time...and as the game rolled on,my thoughts turned to questions..

Why have I been so tense lately?..Why do I feel as though I am running,but never catching up?

Why do I feel as though I am loosing my simple,happy moments with my kids?....I'm always thinking.."There just isn't enough time in the day"...but do I really want more time...why cant I manage the hours I have now without having to-do's running around in my head?...Trust me,..I know what your thinking,..moments like these come and go..I too,know this to be true..I suppose witnessing that sweet taste of happiness made me just not want to miss anymore moments.

Thanks for letting me vent friends..Sometimes you just need to get it out,and wait for the storm to pass...because it always does.

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Marlene said...

The pictures are amazing! Thank you for sharing them and your thoughts with us.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I am right there with you with this struggle! My daughter and I were having a break at Starbucks and I had this list running in my mind of what's next!, what's next!, which I then replaced with Okay, be in the moment!, be in the moment!

Here's what I believe, that not every moment will be magical, you won't be present for each one. And that is long as you are aware of it, are talking about it, as you have beautifully done here, then the moments, the presence will come back.

Deep breaths help too!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

your "venting" is so lovely to look at!

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Cat, vent away! That's a healthy thing to do. Sounds to me like you are being way too hard on yourself, like we all are. You are trying to juggle a full schedule, while trying to make everyone happy, while trying to find creativity and be an artist...well you know what I mean. And when do you take care of YOU in all of that time??? Don't feel guilty about stopping and smelling the roses, by yourself, and renew YOUR energy. Then you'll have more energy to start helping others play again, when you have the energy to. That's by belief anyway.

You sound like a caring and giving mom. You'll find the energy to "play" again, when you have the energy! So go have some fun alone today if you can!
Big hug, Riki

Anonymous said...

I love the images, Cat...definitely will check the website out. Glad you could vent. Time is becoming too short these days...not enought time to do all the things we feel the need to do. Time is precious and the one thing passes through our fingers...enjoy every minute with your kids because time flies. I think you were meant to be there at that exact moment to witness that beautiful moment. I am glad I spent the time with my kids playing restaurant, office, legos and let the dishes sit and laundry sit...because now they are beautiful memories. And yes storms come and go but out comes the rainbow with each and every storm and with it a promise of new things to come. Enjoy your day, my friend. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us...makes the rest of us think and ponder on life in our busy schedules.


Hey Cat, keep venting if that helps, we all do it, it's normal. Take a little time and listen to "The Secret". Changed my life and my way of thinking. Had a couple friends in bad relationships and after listening to that it changed their lives also. They realized the problem was with them and they made the change. I don't usually get philosophical but this sure helped me, that and venting to my friends. LOL

Kass said...

Cat, if you couldn't notice intensely and feel deeply and express unabashedly, you couldn't call yourself an artist. All your readers are richer for your ventilation.

LimesNow said...

Cat, I'm new to following you and when your post came up on my sidebar, I nearly fainted to see that top image. I have one very similar to it displayed on my desk right now. The mask is just placed in a different position on the feather boa [if that's what it is]. When I found it, I thought it was so unusual and beautiful I wanted to consider it for a tattoo. How interesting the similar imge caught your attention!

Your art is some of the loveliest stuff I've ever seen.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Hi Cat
I love the photos you shared...and I wish that there were advice I could I am reflecting back on my own years missed with my three. My second son arrives back home permanently in less than a week after more than four years in the Army...I fear that I don't know how as he was and will need to rediscover our relationship again.
I think the best way for me to sum this up is "life's about changes" and although we wish we could stay in the moments when our children were doesn't work that way. We will always find something we shoulda, oughta or coulda done so to speak...I know this doesn't help...but cherish the moments without making mischief about the future.

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Cat, anytime you need a boost, you come see me, okay??? You are doing beautiful work, and are a wonderful lady, so let that light shine bright, and light up those clouds! Hugs, Riki

Brenda LaBell said...

How true!! Although my grand children can be the cause of my stress at times, I do so revel in the simple pleasures and play of my grand children. They give me my happy pleasures. The way they play, the things they say, the way a new outfit makes them giddy with happiness. How precious they are, they are my life and your right you don't want to miss any of it! Great post, generally the storm passes once we recognize it is there and accomodate it!! Sending gentle breezes your way to move that storm on it's way.

You are very welcome for your deserving Award dear friend. You really are the Queen Of Mixed Media, I love all of your work!!


Cindy said...

Hello Cat
Just catching up on your blog and really felt that this post hit home with me too. I feel the same way so many times!! I am constantly in a rush, thinking about what I need to do next. I was just telling my husband yesterday about how I just need a few more hours in each day! It's moments like these (watching the little girl play restaurant) that remind us to stop and enjoy the moment. Thanks for the reminder.
Hugs to you!!!