Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Live Like We're Dying"

My head is spinning with to-do's.The last day of school is fast approaching and it has been a whirlwind of activities,recitals,graduations,parties,fieldtrips...blah..blah..blah..I only have two and everyday I ask..How do moms with three or more do it?Do it..that is without going utterly insane!I look at you in awe Moms!!OK OK..I can hear you..Get a grip Cat!...Phew..thanks I needed that..Sometimes you just need to refocus and reorganize,and sometimes,more than most, you just need to purge to see clarity.

My beautiful sweet Hannah is moving forward.She is leaving elementary school and moving on to a big girl school.I'm feeling nervous and scared and I don't want her to go.I don't want her to leave me.I don't want her to see the harsh World first hand.But I know..I know.. I must let her go...."Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you." Kahil Gibran..I keep telling myself.."Self,Pray you did enough"..Pray,she learned the lessons,Pray she stays true to herself and values,Pray she never looses the special qualities that make he so unique and special,Pray she will remember this time of her life and know that life was beautiful and simple.Pray that she remembers.I'll stop crying now.♥♥♥

I do have some exciting news..I have at last decided to go full steam ahead and try some magazine challenges.So many of you have suggested I do so,and now,at last,the road has become clear of debris.My enthusiasm is great and I am excited to take a crack at it!Paper,Clothe and Scissors is holding its 2011 Artisan Search....Go big or go home Right! Below are my three entries for the Collage and assemblage Category.I have taken my time and I hope it shows.


Created using tree bark,beads,and doo-dads.

"The Time Keeper"

Created using premium papers,wooden embellishments,wire,watch parts and more.


Created using glass bottle,gauze,wire and completely covered in wax.

A new favorite tune.."Live like We're Dying" by Chris Allen.Enjoy.

As always,thank you so much for stopping by


Finicky feline primitives said...

Good luck to you with the magazine challenge! You really should win, they are gorgeous!
Your daughter is sweet, my daughter as well is leaving elementary school this year, we will be going to her recognition dinner soon, they show slide shows of the kids, give awards, and share dinner. It's bound to be a tear jerker! Have a wonderful summer, Cathy

Kass said...

You are a winner -
with Hannah
and your collage!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, those three collages are absolutely breath-taking! I love them all, you did a beautiful job. Marcy

La Dolce Vita said...

Hannah is so beautiful! and good luck on the magazine challenges, they will love your work!!

Janet Ghio said...

Beautiful entries!! Good luck!

Riki Schumacher said...

These are wonderful Cat. All will win for sure. They are amazing, just like you. Your daughter Hanna is precious, so hard to let them fly from the nest. But think of the wonderful things you've prepared her for to accomplish.

Thanks for the visit. Please do come for a visit...I'd be happy to make you a box and bag! Anytime. (Or a little exhange anytime too by the way!)
Big hug,

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

These are just wonderful Cat! Good luck!!! Connie

Cindy said...

Hi Cat
I'm so happy I can leave a comment here... when I tried in the last few posts, my computer would freeze up on the comment page (very strange). So here I am, letting you know I'm so happy to visit....I always love the words of inspiration that you share. You expressed my thoughts exactly - it's such a busy time of year with things wrapping up. I do feel for you with your daughter moving on from elementary school. My oldest is a 3rd grader, and I'm sure I'll feel the same when his time comes (doesn't preschool seem like yesterday?). I'm so glad to see you're submitting your incredible work to Cloth Paper Scissors...your pieces just jump off of the screen...I can only imagine how incredible they must be in person.

Mollye said...

Oh Honey your collages are truly magical and Hannah, I could take her in my arms and love her to death. She is such a sweetie and I think she will just SOAR in big girl school. You will need to buy larger shirts cause you will pop your buttons with pride! XXMollye

Jingle said...

These are AMAZING! Truly wonderful creations! You have done beautiful work! Good luck with the contest!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Hello Cat
Your Hannah is so lovely! Stay strong Mama...my youngest two had to start middle school at age 9 (riding with high school students on the bus and adjoining buildings). I love your art that you are submitting to Cloth Paper Scissors...I have never purchased a copy...sounds like a great mag! I know you will not be overlooked as your art is always GORGEOUS! :)
Have a wonderful evening!

LDH said...

How beautiful and precious is your Hannah! What a blessing she must be to you!

The magazine challenge is so exciting! You create such gorgeous things!

Christina said...

oh, how beautiful, she is. look at that lovely face.

miramecreations said...

Your entries are exquisite, Cat. My favorite is the glass bottle...just beautiful. Wishing you much success, my friend. Love your post about your daughter...she is precious. It is always tough adjusting when our kids move from elementary to middle school, from middle school to high school and then high school to college...I guess it is one way of loosing the rope, but they are never far away from our thoughts and hearts. It is obvious you have instilled great values in her upbringing...she will have those for the rest of her life. You are a great MOM!

Lyn Newhouse said...

Lovely bottle!!!

pilarcat said...

I love the glass bottle, very beautiful! and good luck with your contest :-)

Little Scrapbook said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your creations!!! Everything is so beautiful!!!

Biljana Teodorović, Serbia