Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WARNING Tetanus shot required before entering.

     My computer...is driving me crazyyyyyyy....first I was completely locked out of it ...thought it was a virus..after spending hours on the phone..hubby spending hours on the phone....dog watching me pull hair out..kids laughing at my ranting and raving....computer is still acting funny....now using kids computer....kids stop laughing(what do you mean your using OUR computer)...have to remind them...not THEIR computer..mine feeling better..but still not acting right..on the phone again...they(computer techs from hell)then lock out all my computers...Augh...hubby screaming...me crying...kids laughing..dog staying out of the way..I'm starting to drink..ok..not really..just wanting too...other computers are up...mine is back to where I started..Breathe Cat...Breathe!!

In the meantime...life is good..Playing with Bubbles!!

  ..and some new listings going up tonight..
"My Keys"

"Harmony"Altered Bottle


Plus,I'm excited to announce that some of my pieces have been put in  treasuries on Etsy..I dont know how to add a pictures of them,but here's one of the links..my item is the "Paper Clip Rusties"..how cool is that!!Thank You Onamesleft!!
WARNING Tetanus shot required before entering by 0namesleft


Marlene said...

Glad you kept your sense of humor over the computer. Love your new pieces.

Jingle said...

Beautiful pieces! I really love that bottle!

Debrina said...

Hi Cat - my god, all hell broke loose in your household alright! I laughed all the way through this post. And hey - I saw you in that Etsy treasury! I thought it was you! Well done. One of my ATCs was featured a while ago. The Treasury was called "Gentlemen..." something a rather. Oh dear. I'm slack. never did post about it.

Little Messy Missy said...

Love the bottle!

Anonymous said...

Computers can drive you crazy...aren't you glad you do have a sense of humor and can laugh about after it is all said and done. Bubbles...I never get tired of playing with bubbles. Looks like the kids had fun! Your pieces are beautiful as usual...love the bottle too! Congratulations on the Treasury...I am with you, couldn't figure how to upload just the treasury. I will check your treasury out. Hugs, Lupe

Dede said...

I so feel for you with computer issues. Bubbles never go out of style, the kids and I still play with them. Awesome new pieces! Congratulations on the Treasury!


Lori ann said...

Oh Cat that is so exciting, etsy. and so well deserved.

sorry about the computer, mine has been acting up too. it's never easy to solve is it?

terrific photos!

have a wonderful weekend!

Silver Artisan said...

Hi Cat,
I love your creations, you have amazing eye for composition!
Just perfect.

Lisa said...

Doesn't it feel good when you get picked for a treasury? And Cat, it's okay to have a drink, but just a sip, and then float away in one of those bubbles...I love your new addition at Etsy!

Hugs to you Lisa

Nancy Maxwell James said...

it is important to try and keep a sense of humor with technology - and I am glad you did. Computers have a mind of their own! Love the bubble pictures and your most recent gorgeous pieces. You asked about "duck cloth"...that is what they call it at my local Joann's...just heavy canvas fabric. Have a wonderful Monday and I hope you get rid of the glitches with the computer!