Friday, November 23, 2012


When I started this Creative Journey in 2009,I started it with a plan and a time frame. I had my creative goals in check and all I had left to do was Believe I could achieve them.


My Creative Goals were planned out in this order 

1-Start listing items on Ebay
2-to start a blog to promote my work
3-to open up an online Etsy shop
4-to have my work featured in a Publication
5-to start making money at what I love
6-to reach 10 publications in order to apply to teach
7-to start teaching at National Retreats at 2015


Now,I'll be honest,my hope was to get enough publications by the time my kids were old enough (2015) so that I could start traveling and not worry so much about Home stuff...

But as the powers that be would have it,my goals were reached sooner rather than later and I have been blessed with every step and my heart is full of Gratitude for every open door...


and my last goal came to fruition with an email a couple of weeks ago that made me want to cry and laugh and scream...
I am so thrilled to share that I will be...
Stamford Cn. 2013
and I am scared out of my mind...
but that's ok

So I guess what I'm trying to say is...
it's always nice to have a plan...
actually I think it's important to have a plan
and work hard everyday 
to achieve what you must,
what burns deep inside you,
and makes your heart sing,
but sometimes 
the powers that be have something else planned...
and you need to look that opportunity right in the eye
and with trembling hands
and a racing heart

"There is only one law in the Universe: 
-Alfred Sutro
I'm not going to let "Now" slip away..

As always,
thank you so much for stopping by


Lynne said...

Don't be scared. This is such an exciting time as your goals are met and dreams unfold. There are wonderful helping hands, friends and family along the way who believe in you :) In turn, your hand... your words, will be what helps another to realize their goals or find their potential. That is truly awesomeness which maybe borders even magic. Hehehe, I believe both in magic, and the awesomeness that comes from clicking those ruby red slippers.

Thoughtfulhands said...

Congratulations Cat!!!

That is so awesome :)

Alice said...

Congratulations! How exciting to hav realized your goal earlier than antisipated! I know you will do a fantastic job at Art Is You!

Corrine at said...

I am so glad you went for it and believe in yourself and I feel lucky to call you friend. You are a genuine delight and a loving person. Good things come to those who spread whole heart into the world. xox

Chris said...

Being scared is OK~ :-) This is a big deal, and you may feel you've been pushed into it too fast. But really, you haven't. You are ready. We can see that. You have resources and strengths and depths that are untapped, and this will make you tap 'em. I'm so very happy for you Cat. And I'm quite proud of my little "art sis". You will be an amazing Art Is You instructor. They are soooo lucky!

Kathy said...

Very inspiring to hear your story Cat - Congratulations on meeting your goals. You must be flying high!

Seth said...

Congratulations on not only having such a well thought out plan and reaching your goals...but also by doing that so much faster than you have planned. Looking forward to meeting you at Art is You!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your work is wonderful.

Flutter Before You said...

Congradulations Cat, how exciting! I am so happy that your dreams are coming true for you! You are so talented, and such an inspiration. I hope that one day, I will have the opportunity to take a class from you! ~Hugs

Lupe Meter said...

Congratulations, Cat!! You will be terrific! I'd certainly give your on-line class a thumbs up (which I am enjoying very much)! You are are an awesome instructor...the sky is yours, dear friend! I am so happy for you! Hugs!

Lori ann said...

how fantastic dear cat, i'm filled with joy for you! i can't help but think how lucky your new students are going to be, and how brilliantly you'll guide your class (i think the fear may be excitement, and will all but disappear the moment you begin).
what a lovely example you are for your children too, they must be awfully proud of their talented mama.
big congratulations my friend! lori xxx

khess136 said...

Oh my goodness, Cat, you are one amazing woman! Not only meeting your goals, but coming in ahead of schedule!
I'm so happy for the recognition you received and so rightly deserve. I look forward to taking another class with you in 2013! You inspire me, dear friend!

Caterina Giglio said...

imagine that, the two Cats started out at the same time.. 2009, actually I started my blog then and it was with the thought that I would be able to promote my work too... look how far we have come! Congrats on teaching, you will love it and your students will love YOU! xo

Cynthia@Ornamental Style said...

How wonderful to see your dreams and goals coming true! And earlier than expected. But that's due to your fantastic creativity and awesome spirit.

Riki Schumacher said...

I'm so happy for you sweet one. Congratulations on achieving your dreams, it is a wonderful thing. You deserve it all, you have worked hard and are super talented. Xoxo Riki

kj said...

happy happy happy happy happy happy happy for you, cat. so well deserved. you dared to dream. and then you tried. magic and elbow grease.

i know you are enjoying every moment of the hard work and the lovely compliments.

do you know i am very happy for you? :^)


sweet pea jewelry said...

I am so proud of you. You will make a great teacher.

Dorthe said...

Congratulations so muc dear Kat, you have reached a goal ,and I wish I could be there to be in your class, as I`m sure will be just a wonderful experience ,in every way.
You just go on, spreading joy with your fantastic creations.

Laura said...

Oh, Cat- I will be so seeking you out this fall. You will be so loved at Art-is-You- the peeps there are just wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your class offerings tomorrow. And you are so inspiring. I am just now getting up the courage to submit my work. I love your quote for the year. Its one that I have been meditating on a lot recently. Thanks for the inspiration and looking forward to meeting you!