Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Creative Inside Me

So while working on these ATC's a thought ran over and over in my mind...ATC's have been around for a very long time and I have always loved creating them...but I dont want mine to look like the ATC's of the past...and I dont want mine to look like any that are out now...that almost controlling creative feeling shouts out..."I wanted to offer something new"...perhaps a new texture,or a new thickness...or maybe a new's the limit right?

So,I say,reach.
Be original...
and always,always, think outside the box.

I painted the Retro Cafe frames in Pebeo Prisme Fantasy paint and let it dry completely.

Next I glued on the collage sheet to the back and sealed the image three times

I mixed up two equal parts of Clear Cast and added it to the center and to the frame

I then dropped in some metal watch gears and let the resin cure 24hrs.

Next I added a rub-on word

and mounted the frame to a chipboard blank ATC board for added thickness

I painted the light bulb black with a sharpie and glued the pieces together

Glued the bulb in place and added one final layer of resin along with confetti stars.

Covered the sides in black Dresden Trim.

Retro Cafe Products used in this tutorial

"Long ago God drew a circle in the sand exactly around the spot where you are standing right now. You were never not coming here. This was never not going to happen.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

Here's to making every minute count,


Bonnie Schulte said...

Wow, your ATCs are very much different than any I have ever seen in the Past. Your ART is ORIGINAL, and just Beautiful! The idea of the frames and using the resin is GENIUS. Love it so much...

Susan M. Brown {sbartist} said...

Cat - hallelujah art sister!!! You are a one in a zillion creative spirit and always inspiring as you reach for the stars. Your ATCs are exemplary of your unique vision and they are stunning!!! <3

Lp said...

I'm not sure I understand what you are talking about in the first paragraph. You mean once an idea is popularized, you are done with it? That's normal for a successful artist. If you are repelled by talking about it, that might be weird.

We all know that just about everything has already been done before. It's in discussing and thinking about old ideas that new ideas are made. I can't even count the number of times someone was telling me about something they'd done, that I already had, but they mentioned ONE little thing about their process that made me think "Why didn't I think of that!?" or "wait... if I do that but add this, I can _______!" I can now file that little info bit away for use on some completely different future project. It happens to me in ceramics all the time. New students pass thru the studio with dreamy ideas which makes me think more and work on it and wha-la!, I have developed another trick.
You probably don't even realize how open you are to information. That is the only way to move forward.

An artist like you, who wants to teach and create, has to come up with new stuff of course. It's the only way to stay on top, or in the pack. You can and will keep doing that. But don't throw out all the "already done" ideas. There is still much to be learned from their roots.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for sharing this. It is a beautiful piece. I am glad to know about the products you have used.
It's always fun to think outside the box and have it all come together.

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Such stunning ATCs Cat! The finish on the frames is amazing! xoxo

Kass said...

You are generous and inspiring.

teri reed said...

Your always inspiring work is such s great gift to all, thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

Amanda Summer said...

I always love your creative advice, and as I finish my book, it is coming in handy right now!

Kathi said...

Wow. Outstanding! Love it! And pinning it so I can continue to be inspired.

Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to try resin...