Monday, May 31, 2010

Little Book with Attitude!

All I can think about...little books with attitude...

My new little book necklace named "Wishes"

Made with telephone book paper,muslin,melted felt,buttons,beads,and more.

It hangs from a 11" chain.

Now on EBAY.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Having Fun with Stephanie Lee..and Tinkering About!

Happy Friday Everyone!!The kids are on Summer break and so far I am enjoying every minute of it.I have squeezed in some playtime for me and I MUST tell you I found the most amazing book in the library by Stephanie Lee....Ooooh what a treasure..Its called "Semiprecious Salvage" and yes it has the most amazing techniques and ideas!!
I have always admired book pendants,and so I decided to give it a try...Please be is my first one...and I had the most wonderful time making it!!....I may not be able to stop..


Created using book pages,metal sheet,metal mesh,embossing enamel,brad,chain and doo-dads.

Plus a new Wooden Spool named "Tinker"

tin·ker (tngkr)
1. A traveling mender of metal household utensils.

And a Jumbo wooden clip turned Magnet

"Delight in the Simple Things"

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Friday, May 21, 2010

A new Path for you.

Your First day of School at Lockmar 2003

Kindergarten 2003

The pancakes you wanted.Chocolate-chip. 2010

The path we walk everyday.

Your last day of school.Your a big girl now.2010

I will never in my life forget the hug you gave me before we parted ways this morning. And the words you graciously said, filled my heart with so much joy and happiness.You said.. "Thanks mom,for walking me to school all these years.I really appreciated it."

I will miss our walks sweet Hannah.But from this day on you will walk a new path and though I may not be right beside you,know that I will always love you,that I am always proud of you,that I am honored to be your mommy,that you are unique and wonderful.. and that whichever path you can always find your way home.

I love you. Mom.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Live Like We're Dying"

My head is spinning with to-do's.The last day of school is fast approaching and it has been a whirlwind of activities,recitals,graduations,parties,fieldtrips...blah..blah..blah..I only have two and everyday I ask..How do moms with three or more do it?Do it..that is without going utterly insane!I look at you in awe Moms!!OK OK..I can hear you..Get a grip Cat!...Phew..thanks I needed that..Sometimes you just need to refocus and reorganize,and sometimes,more than most, you just need to purge to see clarity.

My beautiful sweet Hannah is moving forward.She is leaving elementary school and moving on to a big girl school.I'm feeling nervous and scared and I don't want her to go.I don't want her to leave me.I don't want her to see the harsh World first hand.But I know..I know.. I must let her go...."Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you." Kahil Gibran..I keep telling myself.."Self,Pray you did enough"..Pray,she learned the lessons,Pray she stays true to herself and values,Pray she never looses the special qualities that make he so unique and special,Pray she will remember this time of her life and know that life was beautiful and simple.Pray that she remembers.I'll stop crying now.♥♥♥

I do have some exciting news..I have at last decided to go full steam ahead and try some magazine challenges.So many of you have suggested I do so,and now,at last,the road has become clear of debris.My enthusiasm is great and I am excited to take a crack at it!Paper,Clothe and Scissors is holding its 2011 Artisan Search....Go big or go home Right! Below are my three entries for the Collage and assemblage Category.I have taken my time and I hope it shows.


Created using tree bark,beads,and doo-dads.

"The Time Keeper"

Created using premium papers,wooden embellishments,wire,watch parts and more.


Created using glass bottle,gauze,wire and completely covered in wax.

A new favorite tune.."Live like We're Dying" by Chris Allen.Enjoy.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

And the winner is...

Thank you so much to all the lovely souls that signed up for the Giveaway.It still takes my breathe away to read all the lovely comments and I am grateful.
My winner for my sweet hanging card is Lori from
Thank you Lori for taking part in my little giveaway!!I will be contacting you for your information.
I also have some new Ebay Items going up for auction this week..I must first add,that I have come to the conclusion,there is no pushing the flow of creativity.I know this seems like an obvious statement,but there are times in which I want to create and cant.

Friday morning I had two hours to play...had it all planned out...what I wanted to work on,and for how long.....but when the time came,my cluttered mind wouldn't allow the flow to release.I began on one already started piece and for almost a hour,I looked at it,switched it around,added beeswax...removed the beeswax..added texture...removed the,no brown...UUUGGGHHH!!! Until finally I decided more..I had wasted enough time and so I left my space and went on with my day,kicking and screaming(quietly in my head)frustrated with my lack of creativity.

So that night after the kiddies went to bed,I fiddled in the kitchen for a while,and naturally found my way back to my craft room and counter.I stared at the mess and smiled..this time the mess made sense and slowly I began....One,two,three..little treasures appeared..out of no where and into here.Four,maybe five...the ideas..flying out of my head and through my fingers.With Vivaldi filling my ears,(playing now for you to enjoy)everything seemed right...and I thought like most cant force what comes naturally.

Slept like a baby that night.

"Play"Altered Mini Wooden Block.

Measures Approx.5"H and made with wooden block,vintage reprint,floral findings,wooden spools and buttons,wire and bell.

"Joy" ACEO

"Sweetness"Hanging Assemblage W/ Layer of Beeswax

Made with painted and distressed wooden frame,premium papers,die-cuts,gauze,metal embellishments and more.

"Adventurer" Gratitude Journal
Inside flap has a list of helpful hints on keeping a Gratitude Journal

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Foam Board ACEO'S and a little Bit O Honey

Yippee!!Finally figured out what to do with the ACEO size foam board I have...Introducing my "Home" Collection...Taaaaadaaaaa!!♥

"Feather your Nest"



I would also like to thank Melissa from Honey Girl Studios.. I won her gorgeous giveaway and look at this treasure...smack...boom...hits you hard with that creative vibe doesn't it.Really lovely Melissa!!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Better Days"

I've had a rough patch lately.The discs in my neck are deteriorating and its just something I have to deal biggie..others have it worse..But mood gets the best of me and every once in a while,I just want to pull my hair out!

My emotional and creative vibe fly out the window when I'm feeling like this,...that is until the breeze begins to flow,and I am awakened.....

I am reborn....

9kay3 photo

... because you "cant get to know better days,unless you make it through the night".

When this funk comes to town I always end up listening to "Better Days" By Dianne Reeves(playing now for you to enjoy)..Oh how I love this I love its wisdom.It always takes me by the hand,let's me have a cry,and gently pushes forward,helping me along to face the new road before me.

bartleys photostream

So this new road is leading me..opening my eyes as I travel.And on my quest I found the most inspiring sites... you simply have to visit.

David from Raptitude has the best experiments for the soul.I'm starting on the first in his series."Sharpening the Mind"..Meditation for 10 min. a day for 30 days(his experiment was for 20 min.,but I decided to start at 10)...To check out his experiment click below and you can also see his daily log and other wonderful experiments.

"If I were to define meditation I would call it “the art of directing one’s attention.” The human mind is so flighty and fickle it’s actually hilarious how difficult it can be to keep it in one place. Civilization does a good job at distracting us 24-7. As I type this I’ve got four Firefox tabs open, TweetDeck keeps popping up, and I’ve already answered two phonecalls. Shutting them all out seems like the most obvious response, and I will do some of that (ok TweetDeck is closed.) But I am more interested in improving the other end of the equation: me.

The meditative mind is ‘like water,’ as the ancient adage goes. It is receptive, unfettered, lying still in the cool valleys rather than being blown around by the oft-changing winds of the world around it. My mind is has been more grabby and windy these days. I’m having lots of fun, but I’ve been doing too many things at once." David from Rapitude

Join me if you can and if you are like me,one who has never really meditated,here is a easy guide to begin. I would love to share experiences.

shifted reality photo

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