Monday, January 24, 2011

Its all about the Details

When I  drove Joshua to school, we came across a school of birds crossing the street.Oh they took their time,not a care in the world,happy little birds enjoying their morning walk.Joshua laughed and said "Isn't this the same group of birds we saw last week crossing the road..they sure do take a long time to cross.."
 When I dropped him off he kissed my cheek, we gave each other a static shock, as we do every morning when we kiss.... laughed at the silliness of it.
Its all in the details.
 I then picked up Hannah and we immediately played Rock, Paper ,Scissor for the radio.I won and put on Glee's version of Happy days are here Again..but then gave her control of the music and we sang and danced in our seats..that is until we turned the corner of her school and she doesn't want to be seen singing and dancing with Mommy."See ya Mom" she said smiling as she slid out the car.See you baby,I whispered.
Its all in the details.
 On my way to work,I noticed for the first time a true feeling of comfort. I did not mention that I had received a new car for Christmas and normally this is a wonderful thing,but I get nervous driving and don't like to do it..but I have to and its just something I learn to deal with.Anyway,this morning,the sun was warm,the traffic was light,the music was soft and the chair had at last that broken in feeling..I felt relaxed and for the first time enjoyed this feeling of driving.I took note of it and was full of gratitude..for the car,the breeze that slid through the crack of my window,for Michael Buble on the radio,for the way my back fit the chair perfectly.
Its all in the details.

And when I got home that afternoon,I discovered the most wonderful package in the mail.It was a giveaway I won from last week. I cannot express the joy I felt opening each and every was Christmas in January and I was so delighted with the idea that I would actually get my hands on one of Riki's beautiful etched boxes..Oh my,my heart is a flutter.
Every piece,hand wrapped in tissue paper and tied with lovely ribbon...Hand written notes for me..yes me.
Sweet Riki..Thank you and yes..
 ..its all in the details.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

With Thanks to the Field Sparrow

Monday's With Mary

"With Thanks to the Field Sparrow,Whose voice is so Delicate and Humble" By Mary Oliver

"I do not live happily or comfortably
with the cleverness of our times.
The talk is all about computers,
the news is all about bombs and blood.

This Morning,in the fresh field,
I came upon a hidden nest.
It held four warm,speckled eggs.
I touched them.
Then went away softly,
having felt something more wonderful
than all the electricity of New York City."

Yes,Indeed.Thank you field Sparrow.

Some new pieces.

"Follow your Heart"Altered Wood Shadowbox

 "Dream Big and Laugh Hard"

 Felt and Lace Cuff

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Monday, January 10, 2011

"Lesson Learned" by Cat Kerr

I started something new....for the wrong reasons....but I didn't care....and what happened was...the powers that Be...wouldn't hear of it...and so as time went on...and after receiving warning sign after warning heart became heavy.. my mind stale with inactivity....when by Grace...I understood at last.

We cannot fool the heart into doing something the heart does not love,we cannot let the spirit lie dormant.We cannot let imagination and creativity linger low below the knees weeping for a chance to climb.

This I tell you,is my disclosure.My lesson learned...for when my spirit soars,I will offer up the wind,...and when my imagination is uncontainable, I will set it free,....and if my heart is heavy,I will find the courage to lighten the load.When all there is to do,is change the course.

Lesson Learned.
                                                      "Courage" Altered Wood Box Assemblage

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