Friday, July 27, 2012

Africa,Studio Time and Winners

Every time Lori from talks about her beautiful Africa I think how wonderful it would be to go and visit and see the amazing landscapes,animals and people.
So I decided..sure,lets go..
well sorta..heehee.

Our local Zoo has a new exhibition and ok it's NOT exactly like being in the real Africa..
but we still had fun. 

Plus I had some play time this week...after taking Stephanie Lee's Pipe Dreams Online class,I was inspired to take out the torch and have some fun...
As you can see..I have had the Heart in mind..

"A Playful Heart"

"Follow you Heart"

Lastly,today I would like to announce the winners of the polymer clay pendants.Before I do,I just want to thank all the kind souls that left me a comment.I really appreciate all the kind words and friendship.
The three Winners are:
Lynne B from ?? ( I know a few Lynne B's so please contact me)

As always,
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Polymer clay and a new Giveaway

Happy Day friends!!
I have a problem...
I have been playing with polymer clay lately..
and I cant seem to stop..
Here are some new pieces for the shop..

Yes,I have a problem for sure.But when your having this much fun..all you can do is share.So if you would like one of these clay pendants below, just leave me a comment and I will pick three winners July 27th!!
These pendants measure 1 3/8". They have two layers of clay,paints and resin.

The winner of last weeks Giveaway is 
Tarnished Rose at !!

As always,
thank you so much for stopping by

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rainbow Springs and a Giveaway

Last weekend we took a road trip to Ocala to visit my brother and go to Rainbow Springs.I was really beautiful.It had waterfalls and crystal clear water...

...there was a swimming area and we later rented Kayaks and enjoyed the day.

...On the way out Hubby found this HUGE bug...eeeek...I don't like bugs this big, but I mustered up the nerve to take a picture...I'm getting the eebbie jeebbies just thinking about it.

Before I run off I'm offering a new Giveaway.The last couple of Giveaways I have offered something I created.This time I'm offering some doo dads from my stash. Inspired by some of the other bloggers that offer a sampling of their stash, I decided to give it a try.
This sampling includes a vintage Bingo card,some rusties,some Ice Resin findings from the Industrial Chic line,some I.R molds created by me,some metal findings and more.
If you are interested in this Giveaway,just leave a comment and I will announce the winner July 20th.

Have a wonderful day friends.xo

As always,
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Session Two is almost here!!

This Artful Gathering experience has been soooo wonderful!! I feel huge amounts of Gratitude to be involved in this amazing event!! Session One is coming to a close and Session Two is just around the bend!!

To get more information about my class and all the amazing classes being offered..just click here!!

Now look at what Anni created in my first class "Stencil Frame Pendant & Necklace"...she added the frame to her fabric collage!! How cool is that!!

Now before I run,be sure to check out my new tutorial on one of the Art Cards I created for "Art is You"
These cards were fun fun fun to make!! 

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spellbinders Fun

Hello Beautiful Friends.One of the perks about designing for Ice Resin is we get to play play play with all of their goodies.Recently Ice Resin partnered up with Spellbinders and as part of my "duties" they send me a Grand Calibur machine and I get to play with it...and keep it..yippee...Oh dear,its hard work,but somebody has to do it...heehee.
Look and see what I received in the mail,not only the machine,but six delicious die sets to play with..

 I have been busy creating and sadly cannot share the finished pieces as of yet,but I am having a blast coming up with new uses for this wonderful die cutting system.
Here's a sneak at some of the pieces I'm working on...shhhh...dont tell ok....

I am also excited to tell you that another publication just came out and I am sooooo thankful to be included in it!!.This is the first time my pieces have been accepted in this publication!!

As always,
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