Friday, April 29, 2011

Always Seeking

I find inspiration in that wackiest of objects..
I came across this newspaper covered bird and it yelled,screamed
and kicked for me to bring it home and give it some legs to stand on..


Don't we all feel like Seekers?Always searching,always asking?..
I know I am..
always wondering..
Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?

What are you Seeking?

I also had a chance last week to try some etching..
it was fun fun fun..and addicting..
I didn't like the way some of these came out,but I learned a few things along the way..

-always wear gloves and eye wear
-Never use PCB(etching solution) smells!!
-Don't use the same mixture more than three times
-it helps to agitate mixture every 10-20 minutes
-before throwing out,neutralize with baking soda..when it stops bubbling,ok to dispose of.

"Fly" Stamped and Etched Copper with a hot air balloon image and mounted on to stitched fabric.

"Butterfly" Brass Cuff

"Hope" Etched and Stamped Copper

Sending prayers to our Brothers and Sisters hit hard by the Tornadoes.

As always,
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Gratitude and Giveaway Winner

So much to be thankful for..

..My Sweet big brother Bill..
He found this amazing anvil at a garage sale and after I gave a little squeak he generously handed it over to me..Isn't she a beauty..

..Confederate Jasmine..
I can smell the sweet jasmine as soon as I open my slider..

Joshua won this Polar Bear at Seaworld many moons ago..
it has remained his constant companion..they sleep,play and sometimes eat together..  I treasure little "Polar"...perhaps,just as much as he does..

..The Perfect Fit..
This morning when I came across the most beautiful round antique brass doo-dads..

As soon as I saw them I knew that they would at last complete my ocean blue beads earrings and "Memories" Key Necklace that have been in the corner of my room(along with all my other unfinished projects)for some time..waiting for the perfect fit to complete the piece....

Thankfully this week I also had some time to play around with Sweet soldering..I'm getting a little bit adventurous and working on objects with fun shapes..

"Dragons Breathe" The colors in this stone just reminded me of dragons scales..

"Sunrise"..This sweet yellow glass reminded me of the warmth of the sun.

..Bloggy Friends..

Thank you so much sweet Bloggy friends..for every kind word and every sweet Hug.

Now for the winner of a personalized Soldered Pendant

Congrats Maggi!!
As always,
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shhhhhh..,Brinner,and some more Practice

We took the kids out of school and headed to Universal Studios..Shhhh..don't tell ok..and even though the park was packed and we did a lot of standing in was great..Come need a break every once in a while..and so do Momma's and Poppa's.
Friday night Hubby had to work the kids and I made the traditional Brinner(Breakfast for Dinner)..and now that the kid are older they help much more in the kitchen..Hannah made the chocolate chip pancakes..Joshua the scrambled eggs and Momma made Grandma's Arepa's(Traditional Colombian cornmeal cakes)..Yummy!!

And for those of you that have signed up for my Giveaway you will be happy to know that I have had some more Soldering practice...lots and lots of practice..I didn't realize at first how hard it would be to get the solder to flow "Just Right"..but at last I think I'm getting the hang of it..Here are some of my recent attempts..

..and with all this solder play I just had to make something for myself..Don't laugh ok!

Thanks for stopping by and
Happy Tuesday Friends!!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

"I See You" and a Giveaway!!

Spring Break started off with a Bang..literally..Look at the golf ball size hail that made a whole bunch of racket during an afternoon storm!!...Bang Bang cried the house...

But when the skies began to clear..we were able to get some things done..
Every Season we decorate the glass in the house..This day the glass called for some happy flowers..

and we gazed at the blooms that whispered sweet  happiness..

..and we made time for even more planting..

and Hannah got a new Haircut..

and I even had some playtime..with my new soldering iron..I quickly realized that after taking the Stephanie Lee course with my Sis..I had to jump into not only torch soldering but iron soldering too..

"I See You"
My favorite line from one of my favorite movies.."Joy luck Club"..I get goose bumps just thinking about see the clip I'm speaking of click here..

..Anyhoo....I'm still learning and I'm still having issues..Like How do I clean the solder and get it shiny????Anyone??

And Since spring is in the air I thought why not a giveaway..How about a soldered Pendant??Now please remember..I'm new at this..but I can make a custom "I see you" Pendant with some of your sweeties inside..Or what ever you wish!!Just leave me a comment..if you dare..hehhee..and I will announce the winner on
Monday the 18th.

As always,
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