Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some new listings for tonight.My new love...Felt! My second felt book named "Live Now" made with premium paper,die-cuts,vintage reprints,metal embellishments,fabric and more.
Plus a new
Gratitude Journal
with Oriental flair.
To see more photos,
be sure to check out
the listings by clicking
on my EBAY link.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Walking the kids to school every morning I am so grateful I get to witness such Glory. Being inspired by so many bloggers that take wonderful pictures, I took my camera on the walk with us today.I was especially excited because I could see the fog from my kitchen window and I couldn't contain the excitement,hoping that just possibly I could capture that fog.Well,I wasn't able to get the fog,and the kids were in a rush,and I was juggling juice boxes with the other hand...but it was still a glorious morning.

Some New Listings for tonight."Believe"Paper Bag Tag Book,"Take A Leap" Altered Resin Filled Tin Necklace, and "Dream" ACEO.

Hubby says I have a problem with the label Maker.I don't know what he's talking about...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Having such a wonderful time
playing with felt right now.It just feels so warm and sweet.I created two little books going up tonight on Ebay.The first "With a thankful Heart", and the second "One" Inspired by the Mary Oliver Poem.

"One" by Mary Oliver
The mosquito is so small it takes almost nothing to ruin it.Each leaf, the same.
And the black ant, hurrying.So many lives, so many fortunes!
Every morning, I walk softly and with forward glances
down to the ponds and through the pinewoods.
Mushrooms, even, have but a brief hour before
the slug creeps to the feast,before the pine needles hustle down under
the bundles of harsh, beneficent rain.How many, how many, how many
make up a world! And then I think of that old idea: the singular and the eternal.
One cup, in which everything is swirled back to the color of the
sea and sky. Imagine it! A shining cup, surely! In the moment in
which there is no wind over your shoulder, you stare down into it,
and there you are, your own darling face, your own eyes.And then the
wind, not thinking of you, just passes by, touching the ant, the mosquito,
the leaf, and you know what else! How blue is the sea, how blue is the
sky, how blue and tiny and redeemable everything is, even you,even your
eyes, even your imagination.

Some Information on the Jewelry Round Robin.
This bracelet is the only one I ever created and was fortunate enough to sell.I had so much fun making it,I started reading how to books and now I am just in love with the idea of making charms.In "A Charming Exchange" by Kelly Snelling and Ruth Rae,they talked about doing a round robin idea,where one person starts the charm bracelet and then its mailed to the next person,and they create a charm for it and so on.The bracelet ends up with the person who originated the idea.I thought it would be a wonderful idea to try it out,changing it a wee bit,where we would auction off the bracelet on EBAY and donate all the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Foundation.If you would like to join me in creating this bracelet,please email me at I will be posting the artists that participate,links to their blogs,and updates on the bracelet.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Zero Circle" By Rumi

Be helpless, dumbfounded,Unable to say yes or no.Then a stretcher will come from grace to gather us up.
We are too dull-eyed to see that beauty.If we say we can, we’re lying.If we say No, we don’t see it,That No will behead us And shut tight our window onto spirit.
So let us rather not be sure of anything,Beside ourselves, and only that, so Miraculous beings come running to help.Crazed, lying in a zero circle, mute,We shall be saying finally,With tremendous eloquence, Lead us.When we have totally surrendered to that beauty,We shall be a mighty kindness.

Some new listings for tonight."A Day in the Life" Gratitude Journal and "No Place Like Home" Altered Clipboard.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Having a 12 year old at home,I am starting to catch up on some "Raising a teenager" books.Helpful guides to prepare me for the unknown.At the moment I'm reading "Whatever Mom" By Ariel Gore.She's a wonderful writer and in this one paragraph I'm sharing with you,she speaks of time,and the wish we all have,as mothers,that our children would remain forever young,...but knowing deep deep down,moving forward is a journey we must make.
"The fact that the forward motion causes me to,occasionally burst into tears without warning-when I see a kid hiking with his parents or when I realize that I can finally afford that wooden playhouse my daughter no longer wants-suggests to me that the trip is worth while.Tears are rivers that take us someplace.Through the stereotypes and fears,through the grief and magic.Into adolescence."

A new listing for tonight."The Journey" Altered Clipboard.It measures and it has been embellished with premium papers,vintage reprint,metal doo-dads,stamps,glitter and more."The Journey" By Mary Oliver is one of my all time favorites.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Being new to blogging,I really didn't know what to expect.I actually started my blog months and months ago,never returning or putting in the effort to maintain it.And so when I started listing on Etsy,I thought,why not,it would be a great way to promote my items.Well after weeks of reading blogs and being inspired in unexpected ways,I now have a new outlook on the world of blogging.

After journaling for 20+ years(the old fashioned way),I am now inspired and motivated to journal in this new format.If you knew how much of a computer wiz......I'm not, would be hugely surprised at my new revelation.I am not a world wide web kinda gal ( : but discovering new blogs,full of personal discovery,motivational kindness,and inner exploration,have left me feeling huge amounts of gratitude, for a glimpse into a world apart from mine.Each new discovered blog,like a present,unwrapping it,with the excitement of a child.

You may have noticed I created a "Blog Highlights" section on my side bar.Here I hope to add moving words,found be chance,by those that chronicle tidbits of treasures lives.For me, a gift,
in need of sharing.

Some new listings that will go up tonight on Ebay.
"Bonjour" a
new Gratitude journal and
"She" a Marie
inspired metal frame necklace.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A new listing tonight.A mini dollhouse Curio named "Everything Begins at Home".I was so fortunate to find this pretty green little sticker.It so captured my feelings as I created this little item.
It's been a long summer and today was the first cool day in a long long while.It was my perfect kind of day.We opened the windows to invite the fresh air in. The breeze was wonderful as it made the tall pine trees behind my house dance.
We all enjoyed lunch outside today,and I was so grateful to soak up the breeze,..the song of the chimes and the water fountain,..the conversation at the table,and of course the dance of the trees.

I've joined a lovely group full of creative Artists.They have welcomed me in with open arms.To check out listings from these wonderful paper artists be sure to add PD4U in the listing.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Following one of new favorite blogs, she posed the question today..."What makes you happy?" and well I immediately came up with one answer after another.I am so thankful for everyday,even every moment.But as I later realized there was something of a surprise that made me go back and answer her.Here is what I said...

"Hello and thank you for your lovely words today.I read them a couple of hours ago and your question kept nagging at me.There are so many answers, and for this I feel huge gratitude.I think what makes me happy most are the moments free of distraction.Moments when your body functions mechanically and yet you are alone with your thoughts.Like the shower for example,there you stand mechanically doing what you are supposed to be doing,but your mind drifts to the lovely smell of the soap,the way the water feels as it rushes down your face.Moments without distraction..allowing me to wonder,dream,organize,reflect and briefly be with no other than myself.Most days are filled with to-do's and I find myself cherishing my little moments.Thank you,Cat"

And so when you find yourself listening to the background of life,....smiling as you hear the laughter in the other room, the chimes on the back porch,..the water as it hits your shower floor...know you are,in the moment,and cherish it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My first attempt at watercolor.Well,honestly I created almost 8 cards before I was some-what satisfied. This was the only one I decided to list.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A new altered mini block named "Sweet".I used a 1" block,vintage reprint,premium paper,wire,stickers,wire,
bird,bell,floral findings,wooden spools,beads,glitter and swarovski crystals.The overall ht.measures approx 7".

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some of tonight's new listings.I especially love the first one named "In the Garden"#280. I just love using rub-ons.They offer such a nice and easy way to collage.
The next ACEO is called "Little Witch"#279.I've used this image before,but this time I gave her a Halloween feel.This Little Witch enjoys a rest.She's been flying around, and has found herself a sweet little place to rest her broom.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloween is around the bend...Here are some of my recent Halloween treats!

-"Witching Hour"Resin filled Tin Necklace
-"A Magical Hallween" Mini Block
-Halloween Scrapbook Box
-"Gothic Marie" ACEO
-"In the Cemetery" Wooden Spool
-Happy Halloween"Mini Block

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On the inside flap of every Gratitude Journal I make,I add an insert with helpful hints on how to keep a Gratitude Journal.

"You must learn to understand the secret of gratitude. It is more than just so-called virtue. It is revealed to you as a mysterious law of existence. In obedience to it we have to fulfill our destiny."-Albert Schweitzer

When someone expresses thankfulness, it not only impacts the receiver, but it also has benefits for the one giving thanks. Recognizing the blessings in your life and acting upon them regularly increases your awareness and appreciation. Sharing your gratitude improves your quality of life because it can only result in positive emotions. Learning to appreciate what you have also makes life more valuable and meaningful.

Helpful Tips to Keeping a Gratitude Journal
1-write 3 to 5 lines a day about things you are grateful for.
2-Be specific (narrow down the person, place, action)
3-keep the journal in sight( I keep mine on the kitchen window)
4-share your gratitude with others, encourage them to show gratitude

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am a member of Olde Primitive Sisters Group on EBAY.There are so many wonderful artists in this group.Be sure to add OPSG in the description when searching on EBAY to find the Members.
I also just joined HA31 ON eBAY.To see work from artists that just love the Holidays be sure to include HA31 in the description.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some new ACEO's.
"Bonjour" and
I just loved these two images.Sweet and profound.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I think I'm getting the hang of this "Blog" thing.I'm finally getting the blog to look the way I have it imagined in my head.For this,I thank" Itkupilli".I am so grateful to for her wonderful tutorials and images.She has given me beautiful images to look at and helpful hints on how to do it on my own.