Monday, February 4, 2019

The Creative Funk, It's real!

It's been a busy couple of months. One thing after another. Strangely, now that the air has cleared, things have settled down and I'm back to everyday creative work, somethings off. Like a fog wrapping itself around me and I can't make out what's ahead. It's like feeling a little lost, a little uninspired, a little scared and a lot insecure...and whenever I try to work on something new it's like that one step forward, three steps backward kind of thing. Ugh.
Maybe I need to take a class or do something mindless like clean, or shopping, or maybe spend some time at the beach or maybe even reach out to other creatives. Talking to other creatives always leaves me feeling inspired...but somehow I knew, that this funk was different...this time, I need to do something I've never done, instead of trying to cure it, I let myself soak in it.
While I was banging my head against the wall, hee hee, I suppose I may have dislodged something because a question popped into my noggin and it made me realize something.
The question: "Why do I always put so much pressure on myself to always be doing/creating/learning?
The answer: "Stillness is just as important as productivity. Both the ebb and the flow of life has something valuable to teach us".
Stillness, when forced, (as when feeling uninspired) can open a much-needed door. I've always believed that inspiration needs to find you working... but I now also see that the lack of "doing" can bring something just as valuable, a new perspective. Stillness forces us to rest and leaves us feeling refreshed and reborn with new eyes and new ideas. So instead of trying to fight this funk, I decided to let it have its moment in the spotlight. "Come in", I offered. "Stay for a while and have some tea."
The alternative would be to push it out the door and create something that I am unhappy with. Forcing creativity is a sure way to end up with something that doesn't make you proud. So sit back, relax and enjoy the downtime. Sure it might be a week(it's been three weeks for me) or a month but Inspiration will come knocking...but only when it's ready.
So you might be wondering...why am I sharing this with you. I know how hard we can be on ourselves and I just wanted to let you know that the best thing we can do when we're in a creative funk, or any other type of go play outside or some of the things I mentioned above...or you can do what I did this time around... absolutely nothing. Spend time with yourself and those that make your life joyful. When you're ready and feeling inspired, get back to work.

"Long ago God drew a circle in the sand exactly around the spot where you are standing right now. You were never not coming here. This was never not going to happen.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

Here's to making every minute count,