Thursday, December 30, 2010

Drool,Sweat,Dizzy and Tears

Some weeks ago Dear Sweet Kj from wrote a post about "K",a friend in need of some of funds to help with read the post click "here"...well I asked if it would be alright if I auctioned off one of my ACEO's to help with K ...I created this ACEO,and it will be going up on auction tonight on Ebay.

Be sure to check it out "Here"!!

"Wishes and Dreams for K" #359 Created using layers of paper and ephemera,a vintage reprint,swarovski crystals,rub-ons and a final layer of beeswax.

My fingers have not created mixed media in some time and after creating this card I was inspired to keep going and in doing so my flame for collage began to burn again.

                            "Together" #360 Mixed Media Collage ACEO with layer of Beeswax

"Take a Chance" Doll Assemblage

After playtime I started thinking about the Artists that inspired me when I first started falling in love with the idea of Collage, almost 10 years ago now.

Brilliant minds like..
                                                                      Hannah Hock

Raoul Housmann

Robert  Rauschenberg

These,along with so many others, make me drool,sweat,swear,feel dizzy,laugh with joy and sometimes they even make me cry..Isn't that what its all about. 
What makes you Cry?..and sweat and drool?

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Contagious Copper,Giveaway Winner,and December Fun

Hello friends..I hope you are all enjoying every minute of this wonderful Holiday Season. I have really enjoyed having everyone home..the only downside is that I think I may have had a marshmallow overload.. I don't think I can look another marshmallow in the least not for a while all started with a cup of cocoa..

 and then continued on with rice crispies treats, marshmallow popcorn balls..and ended with nutter butter more..I just cant..

I did  have some playtime this week ..having a thrill with copper..I didn't realize it would be so contagious and fun...Here are some new earrings that read "Know Thyself" in Latin..

 And some hoop earrings...

 and a rustic looking necklace that I hand stamped "Dream"...

 and what about a copper and leather cuff...Mmmmm I'm still working on this idea..

But even though my mind may tend to wander off, the kids help me to come back down to we are having fun with new rollerblades and scooter!!

You guys didn't see that mess in the garage did ya?Eeek..I have to do some cleaning..

Now for the winner to my last Giveaway...The Winner of my last Giveaway is Dari from    Just email me and let me know what you would like me to put on your cuff!!

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Blessings

Hello dear friends...I know its been some time since I stopped by and shared a visit with you all..this time of year we have many wonderful Goings-on,and I have been determined to enjoy them all.. 

I'm sure like all of you..we have had this and that to take care of..mixed in with deadlines,to-do's and organizing....but this year...I am feeling in the moment...
Filled with pride as my sweet young lady Hannah sang in one of her many Chorus performances...

and making memories with Joshua, his classmates,and some Mom and Dads, huddled together as we froze our behinds off on a field trip to a local field trip I will always remember..Brrrr..

                   and thankful for having the opportunity to plan school parties and spend beautiful moments with my little man ....


...and humming as I decorate the house ...

 and sneek a peak at "Their Tree" in the den...filled with treasures made by the hands of my "Not So Little" Little ones..

So now its time for a school winter break and I'm feeling cozy with the idea of cuddling together,wrapping presents,making hot cocoa,watching Polar Express,visiting family and making memories...mmmmmnnn...sounds lovely.
Blessings to you all dear friends.
As always,
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