Monday, June 19, 2017

5 Project Ideas with Amazing Casting Products... a new Video Tutorial Series

Today begins a new Series on Youtube. It's my 5 Resin Project ideas series.
My partner in crime in this wonderful endeavor, Amazing Casting Products.
This partnership should come as no surprise as I have been using ACP since 2012 and working with them...feels like home. If you are unfamiliar with their line, be sure to stop by the product page here. They not only carry Clear Cast Resin, they also carry an assortment of mold products, dyes,  powders, and my go-to product Casting resin! I LOVE this stuff! You can find these products online or at your local Micheal's or Hobby Lobby.

To kick it off the series my first video will be "5 Easy Peasy Resin Paper Ideas" 
This video talks about one of my favorite mediums, resin paper(sheets). 

Resin paper(sheets) can be used in SO MANY WAYS. Yes, I get giddy just thinking about it. 
You can view the video on the ACP How to videos page here...and trust me you want to stick around to watch their other videos because they have some pretty great tutorials!! 

You can also follow along on my YouTube channel here and be sure to subscribe to my channel so you dont miss any future videos. 

Next up... "5 things you can do with Resin and Wire"

Should be fun so stay tuned! 
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