Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wool Felted Pendants and the Giveaway Winner!!

I am thrilled and full of gratitude to announce that I have some new pendants coming up in the Autumn Belle Armoire Jewelry.Inspired by delicious raw wool,these pendants were created by using a needle felting technique.

Speaking of delicious fibers..I have a new color cheesclothe in the shop...Yummy "Slate" can be found here...

Now for the giveaway winner...
a big congrats to 
I will be in contact with you!!

Have a wonderful and creative day dear friends.xo

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Honor,a Headpin and a House number

The other day I received the most amazing goodie in the mail.I had asked my dear friend Zinnia for one of her mini altered hanging bottles for my mom,well,when I opened the box...there was one in there for ME too!! What a blessing,a treasure,an honor to have one of sweet Zinnia's creations.Thank you dear friend.xo

This weekend I had plans with my friend Cyndi to get some enameling play time in,but as things go, we didn't get to meet up ) : but,...I did manage to squeeze in some enamel play and I came up with some yummy headpins now in the shop.

Now what do you get when you mix together
a house number
ice resin
packing tape
glitter glass 
book text
hole punch
rub on's?
A new tutorial!

Go here to see!!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A New Class,a Tutorial and a Giveaway!

I am really excited to announce that I have a new class coming up at Creative Workshops!! Here is a sneak peak at the class!!

To find out more about the class,materials needed and start date just click here!
I also have a new tutorial on Ice Resin...using a Spellbinders Die Cut Machine,Ice Resin and a Journal!! Check out my first Art Journal page here

Lastly, I have a new Giveaway for you my friends and I hope you like it.With my new class coming up I have been etching like a mad woman.I found this image to etch at my local craft store and I fell in love with it.It actually reminded me of one of Pam totally cool creatures(to visit her shop just go to and I just couldn't stop smiling.To me,it kept saying..."What..You got a problem tough guy!!" *smile*
If you would like a chance to win my offering,just leave me a comment.I will announce the winner Wed.22nd!!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where did the Summer Go?

Where did the summer go?

We visited the folks

and My sister came to visit...

and had fun at the Zoo

and cooked up some Smores

and played Uno almost every night

and visited my brother in Ocala and had a canoe trip on Silver Springs 

then had fun at Universal Studios

but mostly played in our Pool 

and I had some first's this summer...
like my first online tea party

and online teaching venue

and I sold my first ever dvd

but now here we are
it's the first day of school
and I can hardly believe the summer has passed us by...

Josh is off to 5th grade

and Hannah a high school student,9th grade...
Crazy right?

It's going by so fast...but I am sure as hell gonna remember every second!
Like movie nights in Joshua's room
my new toast holder(made by little man)
shopping with Hannah
Family time!
All of it.
As always,
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Miami Beach and High School

Before the kids go back to school we planned one last trip to Miami.
This shot was taken the morning we headed to the was early and the clouds had covered most of the sky...but when we stepped on to the warm beach sand the sun began to peak through and 
I was so thankful that I caught this beautiful moment with my camera.

The kids and I spent most of the time in the lovely water(That's why I dont really have any photos) and most of the time we shared the warm water with this school of fish that just seemed to follow Hannah around...oh how I wish I had a photo of the fish..Hannah would move and they would was wonderful.

It was a lovely trip to finish up the summer.
Can you believe the kids start school on Wednesday..
Yesterday we visited Hannah's new High baby is getting big..going into 9th grade.
What ever happened to Kindergarten?

Have a wonderful week friends.

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