Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Corrine and some Inspiration At Last!!

Last week I visited my dear friend Corrine at http://dosfishes.blogspot.com/ and she just happened to post about some of her lovely work..as I drooled over her collages..I commented about how beautiful they were..if only I could see one up close I said..well.. the next day she emailed me and asked me for my address and proceeded to mail out two of her beauties..Oh my..what a treat...And when I opened the envelope..little giggles came up from my throat as I looked at every inch of these darling gems.Thank you so much Sweet Corrine!!

 This week I actually got around to making something..I'm thinking Corrine's collage cards inspired me..Anyhoo..I came up with some wrap around cuffs and some ACEO's...

"Temet Nosce" Know Thyself created by using leather,copper wire and findings..
Metallic Ribbon stitched with Chain and Crystal
Now on Etsy
 "Delight In the Little Things"#366
and more..The ACEO's will be making their debut on EBAY tonight..
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"We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust” -Rumi

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The School Grounds

I will be the first to admit,that when we moved to our current home,I did not like the idea of having the elementary school in our backyard..but through out the years,the path to the school has witnessed these little legs grow..from small to big..
and I am ever so thankful
for every memory shared
on these wonderful school grounds.

On this day..we had no other choice but walk the path and enjoy
Perfect day for bike riding..

and some tire rolling..

and some swing set swinging..

and some treasure hunting..

and some slide diving..

and especially some ..sun catching..

and How I love this corner of the pavilion..It calls to me every time..singing sweetly as it echos the laughter of the children that played within its timbers.

"The Daisy follows soft the Sun"
by Emily Dickinson

The Daisy follows soft the Sun --
And when his golden walk is done --
Sits shyly at his feet --
He -- waking -- finds the flower there --
Wherefore -- Marauder -- art thou here?
Because, Sir, love is sweet!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sometimes There just Aren't Enough Words

The scream heard around the world.
When my sister Ingrid first called me and told me what she had
planned for us when I went up for a visit to NY for her birthday...well
..I just couldn't believe it.
Originally we planned to do as we always do..
Craft,of course..
but when the words came out of her mouth she said..
actually we are driving from NY to Virginia...
Driving to Virginia and taking a Stephanie Lee metal smith Class.
Head hit floor.
Then came the scream.
So I arrived Thursday night in NY,about 10pm,
and the next morning we packed up the supplies needed for the class,
and headed out on our adventure..
It took about 7 hours to get to Virginia and we chatted,ate,laughed,
all the way there...
When we arrived we checked into our hotel,ordered more yummy food....
and laughed some more.
Saturday morning,with nerves in my belly we met up with the class.

Here we are in the class..
that's me on the left and Ingrid on the right.
Here's Stephanie teaching the class..
She Rocks!!
To see more on her class and upcoming classes check her out at
and the pieces she passed around were all so beautiful..almost wanted to cry with joy as I held them...
every corner..every inch..filled with tasty morsels for the creative soul..
Now if this magical class was not enough..and meeting Stephanie was not enough..and going on a road trip with sis was not enough..well..

.. I also had a wonderful chance to meet Cindy from http://www.sweetbeadstudio.com/..Omygoodness..what a special treat..

-Cindy,it was soooo great meeting you.Hugs my friend.

Now you might be asking ...Soooo did Cat learn anything at this once in a lifetime class..
yup!Sure did..

2-Have fun.
3-The torch is my friend.

The plan for the class was to create a necklace that can also be changed to a bracelet.Well I didn't have a chance to finish mine so I finished it at home and later decided to completely separate the pieces.The main bezel piece was moved to a altered bottle I was working on.The bezel was created using assorted metals,solder,mica,crystal and wire....
...The sterling silver chain was turned into a simple large loop bracelet with crystal.
Sometimes..there just aren't enough words to express how you really feel..sometimes your gratitude is to big that it fills up your entire heart with joy..leaving your mouth empty and tongue-tied..Sometimes..you want more than anything to tell those that have touched your life how much happiness they bring you...and you just cant find the right words..and so..here I am..saying it all...sharing it in a way that others too can hear my heart .. and free this blessing into the night sky.
Thanks Sis.
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do you Believe in Love at first Sight?

I do!

This baby called my name...the minute we set eyes on each other...

        a Vintage  #5 Underwood...Oh My...

and there was no denying it..I was in love...

...and as I cleaned him up..my heart began to beat faster..

such a treasure..such a joy..

...Go ahead..say it...You believe in love at first sight too!!

To read more about the Underwood Typewriter check out the link below!!

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