Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas...and a Giveaway!!

Oh yes Indeedy!!
As soon as I saw these K&C beautiful Christmas heart went a pitter patter!!!

"Merry Christmas" Altered Mini Wood Block

    "December the 25th" Altered Mini Wood Block

   "Tis the Season" Altered Mini Wood Block

(Now on Ebay)
And with that Christmas music blaring through the house..I couldn't help but offer a giveaway..
For the of my new bronze bracelets.. personalized with whatever you long as the words fit!!
Here are some of my other bracelets..hand stamped and shaped by me.I happen to love love love Latin phrases..and here these cuffs read
"Let your Light Shine"
"Light from  Darkness"
Of course the winner can choose to personalize their bracelet with any names,or quote they please!!

I will announce the winner Dec.27th.I'm sorry for this extra long Giveaway..but it will be the only time I can get it done.
Just leave me a comment on this post if you are interested in the Giveaway and If you can,please pass the word along!!Much appreciated!!
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let the Beauty we love Be what we Do

Luscious Silver..How I have enjoyed your touch as of late.Yes I know..

perhaps it's not as much fun as using a variety of doo-dads,but I cannot
deny the electric shock wave of joy I feel as I hammer and shape.
This journey has come full circle.
Here are some new offerings in the shop.

"My Heart" with personalized circle pendants.

With Lori's Blessing from she has graciously allowed me to use her Blog title for my mommaXblessings line..Thank you Lori!!
And oh the fun of oxidation!!Look at the beautiful patinas,in my darker pieces.

Now where will this new journey carry me.The unfamiliar road is full of bends and branches,but what I knew when I first started selling my mixed media work on-line,almost three years ago now,I know it still stands true today.The destination matters not,as long as we continue to do what we love.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Breaking Out

Busy Busy...yes,indeed.So much going on and I keep telling thing at a time Cat..
One thing at a time.

I actually had some minutes to create this week.I feel as though it has been far to long since I listened to my mixed media soul.I have been distracted with a new creative project and had hopes of sharing it with you,but sadly I am still waiting on supplies.I have had a difficult time jumping from one medium to another and because this new project has consumed so many of my little brain cells, I found it difficult to settle back into my mixed media zone.After waiting over a month on supplies for this new project, I finally forced myself to create something ..Once finished ,I felt relieved and like a bird breaking out of its cage.

"Three" Fabric Cuff
(felt,muslin,gauze,mesh,beads,stitch and hand work)

                                                            "Always Believe"Altered Mirror
                                                (recyled mirror,vintage reprint,premium paper,
                                                 muslin,doodads,and a layer of resin)

                                                                Altered Mini Tin Ornies
                                                         (mini tin ornies,premium paper,chipboard,

Ahh..feels nice to use a mix of materials....

I will leave you today with a hint of my new favorite material..
Yummy Sterling Silver!!

Shhh...Dont tell..More to come.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Man

Where did the time go little man?

When God placed you in my arms my heart was full..

I felt so much happiness to  look into those beautiful big brown eyes..

and so much joy when I caught you getting into all kinds of things..

and when you smiled at me,I wanted to cry,because that kind of love runs deep..

and every time you make something for me ,I treasure it so because I know that you place every ounce of love into it..

 .. you will always be my superhero...

and my builder...

and my inquisitive little mind...

and the one that gives it his all..

and my joker..

and my happy little man.

Happy 9th Birthday Sweet Precious Joshua.

As always,
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Faces and Happy Hearts

My little honor roll student is proud proud proud of himself...and he should be! Here he is  posing for Momma at the awards ceremony!!Way to go Rock Star!...

 ..and here we are at the class fall party...But why the Christmas hat?..well it was also "Hat day" at school..

 ...I love coming up with new ideas for the kids to have fun...Here's Joshua at the "Worm Race" table.Place five gummy worms in a bowl,cover with dirt(crushed Oreos)and candy corn.The kids then have to take only the worms out,using only their mouth and place in the plate next to them trying to spell out the letter "H" ..for Halloween!!  After this table all the kids had Oreo noses..

                                     we are snacking on all the goodies..Yum..

                    On Sunday,I worked,came home and the kids were ready...Here's my little Knight...

                                             ..and my big girl "Hippie" and "Vampire" friend...

                                                    ...and of course some trick or treating...

                         ...but when the night is coming to a close..and the candy has been placed in piles..the only thing left to trade!!!.

Happy Faces and Happy Hearts..that's what I feel when I tuck my babies in.

As always,
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