Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let the Beauty we love Be what we Do

Luscious Silver..How I have enjoyed your touch as of late.Yes I know..

perhaps it's not as much fun as using a variety of doo-dads,but I cannot
deny the electric shock wave of joy I feel as I hammer and shape.
This journey has come full circle.
Here are some new offerings in the shop.

"My Heart" with personalized circle pendants.

With Lori's Blessing from she has graciously allowed me to use her Blog title for my mommaXblessings line..Thank you Lori!!
And oh the fun of oxidation!!Look at the beautiful patinas,in my darker pieces.

Now where will this new journey carry me.The unfamiliar road is full of bends and branches,but what I knew when I first started selling my mixed media work on-line,almost three years ago now,I know it still stands true today.The destination matters not,as long as we continue to do what we love.


sharon said...

You are running wild girl, and oh it is so good to see! They are all beautiful, but the last is fantastic!
I love it!

Its All About Creating said...

Lovvvvvve thos Free Bird Earrings! All the pieces are beautiful!

stregata said...

Just lovely.

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Cat! Love these pieces, so beautiful. You need to do more with silver! Have a wonderful holiday, hugs, Riki

ArtbymeCindy said...

Very nice Cat!! I love them. I have all the goodies to do this waiting for me to find the time. Maybe Christmas break?

Big Hugs

dosfishes said...

Wow Cat, so true so true, the journey is everything. Glad you are so blessed. xox corrine

Out on the prairie said...

What a nice share of your thoughts and creativity.I used to get some pads that looked like what they used to have in compacts for makeup called Bunny Tails to polish silver. They worked really well, and looked like little bunny tails.I have meant to look them up .

kj said...

cat, you are the only person i know who creates in this medium and honestly i'm enjoying seeing what you do so much. there is something about the creativity of using 'words' like this that especially intrigues me. i love inspirational messages, and to honor them the way you do, i just like it alot! (what a thoroughly redundant statement) :)

i also feel your vibrancy and i thank you for that too!!


Gaby Bee said...

Your creations are simply wonderful!
Have a lovely week!
Gaby xo

Dede said...

Cat I love them all! It truly shows how much you enjoy creating these! Kudos to you!


Katy Cameron said...

Love these new creations

Pavinee said...

LOve the free bird earrings and the last one :-)

Amanda said...

what lovely, inspired creations -- and how cool that dear lori figures into it all!!

blessings for a happy thanksgiving to you♡

Lori ann said...

Dear Cat,
oh my! I agree with everyone here, these are so so lovely. It's hard to believe you've only just started working with silver, these look amazing.
I am truly flattered that you wanted to be Cat x 4 (looks gorgeous!)keep up the beautiful work my friend!