Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello Beautiful

Yesterday the Artful Gathering Teachers got together online for a live Tea Party.
It was wonderful having everyone in one spot,chatting away,sharing photos and enjoying a soothing cup of tea with a sprig of apple mint from my little garden.
Here I am saying hello to all my beautiful art Sisters...
I know,I'm such a silly willy...
but that's ok...I like being Silly.

Well,I'm off...summer is calling...but before I go..I want to yell out to all of you...

As always,
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Hearts Affection, and lazy Summer Days

It's first post on!! This is very exciting for me and I am thrilled to pieces to join the family of Artists that are featured here.
Stop by here to read my post and learn how I made this sweet Ice Resin Pendant called
"My Hearts Affection"

Working from home,teaching,writing,creating,...while the kids are on summer break is something I make sure to's hard sometimes,but mostly,I am thankful for these lazy days we have together.I try to work early and by the time they wake up,have breakfast and finish up chores,we all do something fun.Of course things never seem to work out the way you plan,but as the summer days roll on,I am thankful that we are all here together,sharing the sun by the pool, a board game after dinner, and even the glorious breeze at the beach.
No,I don't want these days to run by me.I want to savor them and treasure them and always carry them around, deep inside my heart.

Enjoy your day dear friends.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

To Follow the Callings of My Heart

Sometimes a particular medium will call and call until at last I have no other choice but to listen.
Messy. Flat. Vibrant. Smooth. Expressive. Fun.

4"x 6", Acrylic,Texture, Die cut, Gesso, Rub-n-Buff

Card #1 in my series of six for the Art is You Card swap.

"To follow the callings of my heart"
Raymond A. Foss

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Workshop Love and Giveaway Winner!!

Hello Friends
Over a year ago my sis and I attending an amazing workshop with Stephanie Lee at Artbliss and I cannot tell how much that event changed me.
Click here if you want to read about it.
After that class  I promised myself that I would ...
1-take another workshop
2-meet more bloggy friends
3-go on another road trip with sis
4-have fun!
So I started saving my pennies and have now signed up for not one but  two workshops. Omygoodness.
I am so excited.
The first, is an online workshop given by the one and only

I purchased a piece from Debrina about five years ago,maybe longer, and at the time
she sold her work on Ebay and I was lucky to get it because her fans just bid and bid and bid.

Isn't she precious?
I look at it everyday and smile smile smile.
Now the second class I'm taking with Sis is in Danbury Conn.
So I'm flying up to Long Island,then we're taking a ferry to Connecticut!!
This Richard Salley class is going to W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L!!
I have been itching to learn this technique of stamping on solder.
But the best part of that trip will be hanging out with my Sis making Art!!

...and speaking of workshops,I have been busy with my first class starting at Artful Gathering this week...
I'm not going to lie..I'm nervous..this being my first workshop and all,but I feel prepared and will keep fingers crossed everything works out ok and that my students are happy.
Plus at the end of June I have two other online workshops starting and for my "Make Every Minute Count" class the kits have all sold out and I am busy preparing the kits for the "My Home Song" workshop...

Do I sound excited...Gosh I hope so...because I am over the moon eXcitEd with all this wonderful learning, teaching, sharing
going on!

Now for my giveaway Winner!!
Congrats to
Sweet Sandy from
I will get with you and ship out your little necklace!!
Thank you dear friends for all the kind souls that left a comment.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Technique Tuesday!!

Technique Tuesday on Ice Resin

To learn how to make this pendant just click here

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