Monday, June 27, 2011

Miami Beeeeaaaaccchhhhh!

While in Miami the kids and I walked around the lovely city..and even though I will be the first to admit I do
not like to drive in the area..walking is a whole other experience.This beautiful city by the beach is full of skyscrapers,a diverse selection of shops and restaurants,and a sweet assortment of parks...Something,I might add you might miss,by riding in the car.
With manicured lawns,crisp grass and tall palm trees..its a lovely place to visit.
..But once you hit the beach...well you may find it hard to leave..

Gee..even the seaweed was pretty..
..and of course the kids had a blast...and me too..Oooooh that water was heavenly..

Just wish..I had put on a wee-bit more sunblock..Youch!!

Being inspired by these lovely surroundings..the night we came home,my fingers quickly got to work.

"At the Beach" Resin Earrings.Filled with sand,twig,rhinestones and text.

"Sun and Water" Crystal and Glass Beads

 "Water" Crystal and Salt Water Pearl Necklace
Now on Etsy

A lovely trip..filled with family and friends,great food,sunshine and Happiness.

As always,
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Resin & Jenga Play

"Learn" Metal and Resin Cuff
Made with an extra Cuff Skirt to change it up a bit..Can be worn with or without the Skirt!!

Whoever said throw out the kids "left over" game pieces.....

..had no sense of humor...

I love "Left Overs"!! Especially Wood Jenga pieces!!
Now on Etsy!!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Path

As of late..I find myself walking down an unknown path..yet knowing deep inside my heart..that this same the path I should,without hesitation,or question.. be on.

The other day I caught the end of "Bridges of Madison County"..its such a lovely movie and it always moves me to tears when Clint Eastwood says to Meryl Streep...

"This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime."

This time I cried not because of what was happening in the movie,but because this line spoke to me and to what I was feeling at the moment.  Feeling lost,..yet found..feeling unsure of myself ...yet confident. Feeling as though even though I know not what the future holds..I am doing EXACTLY what I am supposed to be doing.I am CERTAIN of it.

Can anyone relate?

John Maenhout Photo

"This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime."
Robert James Waller

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Turkey Creek Sanctuary

The first time we went to Turkey Creek Sanctuary,Hannah was about four and Joshua was in a very long ago.We took some time this week to visit the trail and I had some sweet memories float in and out of my little brain.

The entrance reminds me of a secret garden.Tucked away in the bush one cant help but feel the warmth of the surrounding nature..with arms that gently swallow you in.

Before hitting the main trail you hit a sweet butterfly garden..

and then the boardwalk..loaded with names of those that support the sanctuary..

and on a hot summer day..a pit stop is needed every now and then..

with wildlife like racoons and gators and manatees,the only picture I had a chance to take was a family of turtles swimming below us...

but more than anything..I love the texture of nature..something wonderful to see in every direction..

I love the way the moss hangs from the branches..

and I love spending time with my not so little..little kids.

As always,
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