Monday, June 20, 2011

The Path

As of late..I find myself walking down an unknown path..yet knowing deep inside my heart..that this same the path I should,without hesitation,or question.. be on.

The other day I caught the end of "Bridges of Madison County"..its such a lovely movie and it always moves me to tears when Clint Eastwood says to Meryl Streep...

"This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime."

This time I cried not because of what was happening in the movie,but because this line spoke to me and to what I was feeling at the moment.  Feeling lost,..yet found..feeling unsure of myself ...yet confident. Feeling as though even though I know not what the future holds..I am doing EXACTLY what I am supposed to be doing.I am CERTAIN of it.

Can anyone relate?

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"This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime."
Robert James Waller

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Marion Williams-Bennett said...

oh, yes! I can so relate!

A while back, I wrote about this walk in the woods where I got lost. I went around and around, but I knew that I could trust myself to find the right path.

Maybe the trusting of the path doesn't come from the path as much as it comes from within us.

Beautiful, thoughtful post.

Terri Kahrs said...

Sometimes there is just a moment, a glimmer of "knowing", and it's wonderful! "Be" in the moment!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh, winning the lottery would be great Cat. Me first?? Ha ha. Wish you could come to one of my classes, would love to meet you in person. I can only wish. Okay, what's this uncertainty about girl? You are such a talent, just chase those feelings way. Don't let that dark side creep in, it takes a big bite! Stay on track and keep making your beautiful art. Hugs, Riki

Cindy said...

Aw, Cat, I think I do follow you! Sometimes that certainty is fleeting, but comes back in time. So happy to hear you are following your heart. I know the rest will come together for you, I just know it. :-)

Anonymous said...

wallow in the sweetness of it, as my friend Linda would say, yes, I can so relate....xox Corrine

Anonymous said...

Cat, I'm so glad that you found my blog because it lead me here to yours!
I can relate and it makes me think of this Robert Frost quote:

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference"

It sounds to me that you know exactly which path to take! Keep your head up, stay the course and let your intuition be your guide.

Unknown said...

yes, that certainty lies deep down in the gut, and any uncertainty is simply ripples on the surface. when you know, you know. the trick is learning to trust that knowing.

Susan said...

I ball my eyes out every time I see that movie! That line in particular gets me, and for me at the moment I am lost. but it always stirs the early days of hubby and I vs, the days today of hubby and I...such a difference, I think I cry over a loss.
26+ years later. We still love each other, but it is not what it was, and it was like it was in that movie.

Diane said...

Oh yes! The test is staying on task..working on...never breaking, but always bending. The real test is not succeeding, but pushing through the failures....I do believe.

Lisa said...

Can not stop reading your blog! And yes, I can so relate to this. It happened for me about 4 years ago and when I'm having a moment of uncertainty, I look back and remember that feeling and push forward. Thank you for all the beauty you put into this world and for all the inspiration you have given me today, which might lead me to the studio IF I can stop looking at your blog! :)