Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm Dreaming Right?

Pinch me,am I dreaming...Looky and see what came in the mail today..The new Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine..Isn't she a beauty..

..and here I am reading the a new article...

Did I mention...It's MY article..heehee..

Holy C&9@#!!

Here are my "Felted Face" Pendants..

Heehee..I cant stop giggling here..

..and I am flipping out!!

Breathe Cat.


Am I dreaming?

Hope Not.

Thank you Riki for the Inspiration!!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Enamel Wannabee..

I cant take it anymore..
every time I look at all the wonderful enamel work..I just go
Take a look at these beauties on Etsy..
Just click the link below the image to go to the listing..

These earring are AMAZING!!!

and look at these YUMMY moss bead caps by Mary Jane..

Then the other day I came across this tutorial on Vintaj
using melted Utee..
Mmmm..kinda looks like enamel..
and you dont need a kiln..
Love it!!

and so I got to work trying it out!!
Started out with some brass findings and Filigree..
..a pretty simple way to add color and dimension to your metal findings..

..and I had some time use some of my little findings in a felt and metal cuff..

and new necklace named "Anything is possible"

Give it a try..its a fun way to fill that creative need for enamel work!!

Sending prayers and Hugs to all the friends and family preparing for Irene.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Paper Love

Lets be Honest here..I have an addiction.... paper.
I always have..always will.
I love to shred, glue, wrinkle..
tear, paste, and assemble with it..
There is just something about this 12" x 12" beauty that keeps me captivated.

But since my jewelry journey began..
I have to admit..
Paper found its way less and less into my creations.
That is until a few weeks back I found myself drooling over some papers I found over at

Its called Graphic 45
and I found out where I could get some at

Now, a while back I had purchaced some of this paper at my local scrapbook store,but since then the store has gone out of buisness,but when I saw the items this company has online..
Oh My..
These papers blew my mind..
and well I just knew I had to order some..

Here I created these Mini Hangers using  "The Magic of Oz Collection"

I used the images to create transfers and then stitched them onto the fabric..

and of course I had to make some jewelry..

using the "Steampunk Debutante Collection"

I created these soldered,resin filled Pendants.
I also ordered some other yummy Graphic 45 items,like the ribbons I used as chain,and word stickers.

Ooooh..I think I'm in Love..

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sweet Inspiration

A couple of weeks back I became inspired by Cindy's Inspiration Board..Isn't it beautiful??..

To see her lovely post click

I became so inspired to create one of my own..only one problem...I have no wall craft room is wall to wall shelving..You know..we mixed media artists have a problem with stuff...Well anyway..I did make a spot right above my sewing/jewelry table..
See..right there..that little tiny wall hanging..heehee.
It may be small,but it brings me so much joy..
Here's a closer look..
Here are some of my treasures from other artist..including Debrina Pratt and Corrine and a sweet Marie Antoinette ATC from Megan Suarez.

and some photos of my babies and favorite poems,A hand crafted pendant from my sister Ingrid,in which she fused a photo of me and the kids in glass..that's me and my sis with the funny hats..she always makes me I had to give us hats!!...

..and old photos of me and hubby, kids artwork and my folks..

and the bracelet I made in the Stephanie Lee class..a gift that started me on my Jewelry journey..the vintage photo by Riki ..

And so..after staring at my little board, I became inspired and thought.."Wouldn't it be lovely to have Inspiration on the Go..
and after trying to figure out what to do with this bottle..The vision became clear..
"DreAms" Inspiration on the Go I call it!!

with a soldered rim,hanging metal bird charm and crystals..
this inspiration on the go is ready for any desk..

..and chains full of trinkets and one special charm I won from a generous giveaway from Renate ..that lovely blue nest square..Doesn't it just fit perfectly?...

and a hand stamped charm that has the sums it up wouldn't you say..

Thanks for the inspiration..Cindy,Debrina,Corrine,Megan,Ingrid,Riki,Renate,..and EVERY single blog I visit.

Now in the Shop

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stephanie Lee project #2, Mini Art Canvas and More

I will always love mixed media art..

"Little Wings" Mini Mixed Media Canvas
Now in the Shop

...But as of late I dream of making Jewelry from sun up to sun down.The bug has bitten and I am Hooked!! With little wings I can taste the moisture in the wind and I am enjoying the ride.
Every Road traveled has lead me to here.
Incorporating my Mixed Media
into small wearable tidbits
of my heart.

Thank you Friends
for coming along
on the journey.

Stephanie Lee Project #2
"Time Capsule Ring" pg 105

1-cut all metal pieces and size up band
2-Solder on brass circle to create bezel and band
3- add patina
4-fill with found objects
5-add 2 part resin

And now some new pieces for the  Jewelry shop...the first using Riki's awesome soldering Rhinestone tutorial...

"Be Curious" Two part Compartment Soldered Pendant

..the second.."Little Bird" Resin Pendant and Vintage trim

As always,
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