Friday, October 14, 2016

The answer to almost every question is...

The questions that creep in sound like...
Am I good enough?
How can I compete with the other amazing artists out there?
Am I different enough?
Should I try something new?
Should I stay the same?

As a working artist these same questions continue to come up over and over again.
Not only do I often ask them of myself,but they also come up in conversation when speaking to other artists. It's a comfort to think that we are not alone in feeling like this. 

Fear has a way of doing that, it can make us question ourselves...fill us with self doubt, but after reading "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert I realized that those feeling...are perfectly ok. In fact, they're here to help us. Fear can be a very good thing. It helps us to focus,it helps us to push harder,it helps us to keep going.  You have all the power you need to accept fear for what is. Yes, it can make your heart race,yes, it can make your hands sweat, yes,it can make you feel like you are not enough...but only temporarily. Because what is it really?
A reaction to something,to someone. An unpleasant emotion caused by something that could happen.

Whatever it is...however you define will pass. It always does you know. 

Today, I've learned to not only accept fear,but to also appreciate it and to even thank it. I've learned that there is nothing I can do to make fear go away, it will always stop by, it will always make my heart race and there's nothing I can do about that.  But what I can control is how I deal with it when it comes for a visit.Instead of pushing it away,I've learned to embrace it and instead of focusing on everything that's wrong I'll just work on being the best me I can be.No more,no less. Because being the best version of me takes courage
and it shouts to the world
that the faith I have in who I can become is bigger than the fear of not trying at all.
So move aside fear.There's work to do.

So now the answers to almost every question.
You are enough
Work hard.
Be the best version of you.
Beautiful,smart,kind,loving,creative you.

This assemblage was created with these feelings in mind. 
I first assembled the Retro Cafe Art Gallery Shrine and covered it in card stock.

I glued in all sorts of RCAG masonite bits! 
I then covered them in gesso, and I painted it in assorted layers. I also glued on the word "You" on the hand.

I found this wonderful pre-made clear sheet in Micheals and cut out a piece to fit the front of the shrine. I made sure the words "Just be" were visible and highlighted them by using gold paint.

I then painted this tiny Circle Shrine with Pebeo paints and added an Face Paper Cuts, Rub Ons and lastly sealed it with Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

I then glued on the clear sheet to the front of the shrine. I covered the edges in a tiny scalloped Black Dresden. I also added some coconut fiber to the top of the shrine and glued the Mini circle Shrine to the top.

Masonite Bits:

More of my ramblings about fear can be found here.

Happy Creating!

"Long ago God drew a circle in the sand exactly around the spot where you are standing right now. You were never not coming here. This was never not going to happen.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

Here's to making every minute count,