Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stephanie Lee Project #1

When I first found this book over a year ago at my local library..something inside me changed. This how to book on Creating found-art Jewelry was amazing!!I immediately called my sister unable to contain my excitement and I knew I just had to order it at once!!

by Stephanie Lee

Some time later,my sister Ingrid had surprised me with the most amazing gift ever..a class by Artbliss that featured the one..the only..Stephanie Lee.
It was an experience I will never forget.To read about this amazing adventure click here.

And so months later I find myself still learning..Every time I open her book,I find something new,a tip I may have missed..a project I may have overlooked..and well I thought to myself ..."self".."the only way I'm going to really learn everything she has to share is to try all of the  projects in her book".

..and so I am..

starting with..

"Remembering Pendant" pg.115(also the pendant on the Cover)

1-stamp clay

2-add plaster to stamped clay

3-Once dry,gently peel off plaster

4-paint plaster and break into desired pieces

5-Create bezels using brass and solder.Then Patina with Novacan Black.

6-Assemble.Place desired plaster piece in pendant,add two part resin.Once cured,assemble the rest of the pendant using desired findings.

I can tell you that with this project alone I learned so many things..

-I have always had Plaster of Paris in the house.(projects with the kids)..but had no idea how to incorporate it into my art.
-The plaster is very delicate and breaks easily,so you have to be gentle with it
-I have never used Novacan Black solder patina and its Wonderful!!

Thank you Stephanie..for continuing to teach me..
Next up.."The Time Capsule Ring" pg 105

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photoshop fun,Brass Etchings and Thankyou's

Having fun with photoshop!!
Especially had fun putting us in the tub!!That's me and my siblings with our Mom.I'm the second from the left.
This image was created using a Shadowhouse background and Zalinka png images.
I also finally finished a banner for the blog I like.This banner was created using photos of my work,my not so little, little kids,and some yummy rusties.I also used half of a label image from The Graphics Fairy.

I have also had fun etching brass this week.I have etched in the past,but I never knew that I could use Liver of Sulphur on brass!!Thanks to sweet Mary Jane from.. I think I may have asked her a gazillion questions and she never became impatient with me.Thank you so much for all the help and kind words Mary Jane!!

A Mini Book Etched Brass Pendant

Bloom Etched Brass Cuff on Upcyled Leather Belt Cuff
and my first Rivet..woo-hoo!!
thanks Sis for all your help..

"Dreamer" Etched Brass Pendant Hanging on Lime Green Stitched Fabric Chain

Now on Etsy

You know..Its a funny thing this Blog Community..this world of cyber friends..I have never in my life met so many kind and generous souls.Each one eager to share in kindness and respect and love.Thank you for every comment,every email,every kind word and helpful tip,but more than anything..thank you for your friendship.

To see if its a
Thumbs up or Thumbs down for
 "Transformers Dark of the Moon review"
by "my little man" Film Critic Joshua
just click Here!
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Friday, July 15, 2011

Wet Summer Nights

During the summer months,Brevard Zoo offers $5.00 tickets after 5pm..What a wonderful time to visit the Zoo..You don't have to deal with the heat...but you do have to deal with the rain..This time of year it rains almost every afternoon.I don't mind it one bit..After the rain,the sun comes back out to play.
They added these two beautiful Cheetahs to the Zoo..

This Rhino came running up at one point..and I might add..he runs fast and strong..I could feel his feet hitting the wet ground deep inside the pit of my stomach..a massive a beautiful creature..

and here is one messy piggy..

and one sneaky Croc....

and one sleepy jaguar that just needs some alone time...

and after the rain stopped..The Dixie Group filled the night air with fun tunes..

Wet Summer Nights,Five Bucks,Fun Music,Amazing Animals,
My not so little,little kids.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Keeping Our Children Safe #1

A couple of days ago I watched something that I have not been able to shake off.I watched the first time interview with Jaycee Lee Dugard,the girl that was kidnapped at age 11 and held captive for 18 years.

That night I had trouble sleeping.I couldn't get her sweet face out of mind and all the years she lost to those heartless and soulless monsters.The next morning as I was getting ready to go to work,.. I could hear the news from the other room describing a boy wearing a rocket t-shirt,that had been reported taken by two adult males.On the way to work I started crying,crying for a mother I didn't know,crying for innocence lost,crying for the fear that any child in that situation must go through..My throat closed and I was reminded of the book that I read years ago.."Protecting the Gift" By Gavin Debecker.This book had changed my life in may ways..teaching me that Fear is a good thing.Fear can force us to learn how to protect our children,Fear can hammer into us a feeling in the pit of our stomachs that something is wrong, Fear can help us to focus,and to act,and to answer.When my daughter was young we started monthly safety talk I purchased videos,we roll played,and made a ten minute monthly talk fun but memorable.About a year ago,I stopped doing particular reason..I just became busy with other things..but on that ride to work that morning I knew I had to start out monthly safety talks again..because out of Fear,I refuse to leave my children uninformed and unprepared.

And so for you my friends,..mothers,fathers,grandparents,neighbors..I have decided to start these weekly tips on keeping our children safe.I found an excellent series of short videos that are worth watching and I hope you do.

From :  "Sexual predators are everywhere these days, or at least it seems so. Keeping your kids safe from kidnappers and social deviants is a full time job, and keeping abreast of their tactics and strategies is crucial to your children's survival. Indeed, children today have more responsibility and obligations than ever before and as such have more opportunity for poor decision-making and predators have more opportunity to attack. Because of this increased vulnerability, it is essential that we understand child safety and keep our kids informed about kidnappers and sexual predators.

In this free video series, our expert Karina Fraley will teach you all about keeping your kids safe from predators and kidnappers. She will talk about identifying dangerous strangers, sharing personal information, mall safety, stranger luring kids to their cars, bathroom safety, and Internet safety. She will also talk about trust, getting lost, working kids, and teen drivers."

We have to help each other in keeping our children safe.

They are the most precious,they are our gifts,
and it is our job to learn all we can
to keep them safe.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Final Flight

Breakfast of Champions

I am always filled with joy
when the kids ask for Arepas and Egg Soup for breakfast.

A traditional Colombian breakfast...

and a sweet memory for me of my Momma making this comfort food.

The soup,topped off with fresh cut Cilantro and the Arepas with melted cheese.


Rhinestone Tutorial

After taking an awesome tutorial by Riki on how to solder on rhinestones..

I just couldn't help myself..and ended up going  solder Crazy..
and I ended up with
Happy little pendants.
Thanks Riki.
Click here to purchase her wonderful tutorial!

The Final Flight

Cloudy skies threatened the launch today ..but Atlantis prevailed and shot strait up to the stars..

..Another moment in History..

..That we will never forget.

And to commemorate the special occasion..

Moon Cookies by Joshua

and  Hannah.

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