Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photoshop fun,Brass Etchings and Thankyou's

Having fun with photoshop!!
Especially had fun putting us in the tub!!That's me and my siblings with our Mom.I'm the second from the left.
This image was created using a Shadowhouse background and Zalinka png images.
I also finally finished a banner for the blog I like.This banner was created using photos of my work,my not so little, little kids,and some yummy rusties.I also used half of a label image from The Graphics Fairy.

I have also had fun etching brass this week.I have etched in the past,but I never knew that I could use Liver of Sulphur on brass!!Thanks to sweet Mary Jane from..http://mairedodd.blogspot.com/ I think I may have asked her a gazillion questions and she never became impatient with me.Thank you so much for all the help and kind words Mary Jane!!

A Mini Book Etched Brass Pendant

Bloom Etched Brass Cuff on Upcyled Leather Belt Cuff
and my first Rivet..woo-hoo!!
thanks Sis for all your help..

"Dreamer" Etched Brass Pendant Hanging on Lime Green Stitched Fabric Chain

Now on Etsy

You know..Its a funny thing this Blog Community..this world of cyber friends..I have never in my life met so many kind and generous souls.Each one eager to share in kindness and respect and love.Thank you for every comment,every email,every kind word and helpful tip,but more than anything..thank you for your friendship.

To see if its a
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 "Transformers Dark of the Moon review"
by "my little man" Film Critic Joshua
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As always,
thank you so much for stopping by


Lupe Meter said...

Looks like you are having a ball etching brass...love your new creations! Awesome!

mairedodd said...

such beautiful results you got! congratulations and the final projects are just gorgeous... it was my pleasure to be of any assistance i could, we all help each other...

Amanda Summer said...

brass etching, photoshopping delights......there is no end to your creativity.

BIG congrats, dearest cat, on having your publishing dreams come true........good things come to those who wait........and work for it♡

love and hugs,



sharon said...

Gorgeous etchings and beautiful pieces Cat! There is nothing you can't do! The book is my fav, absolutely stunning!

Lori ann said...

hee hee, so cute all of you snuggled in the bathtub. you have been busy, all your creations are beautiful, little works of art. Congratulations on the new things you've learned!

stregata said...

Love the book pendant - really beautiful!!

Maggi said...

You've been having fun with Photoshop for sure! I can open a new image, that's about it. lol

Love the new pieces! Especially "Dreamer"! :D

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Cat ! It is lovely to meet you too. I see by your bloglist that we have some friends in common!
Your jewelry pieces are to die for ! Wowza !
I will be back to visit again. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Cheers !

Cindy said...

Cat, it seems as if you have so many "first times" with a new technique (soldering, etching, riveting...), but yet your pieces look like you have honed your skills for years! You make it all look so easy, and you have such endless creativity. All in one post - digital art, an etched cuff (love it!), and the beautiful book pendant - that one is out of this world. Your work just keeps getting more rich and detailed.

kj said...

cat, the cuff is incredible, you are a metalsmith of high esteem. xo

about the cuff, forgive me, you know i sometimes know not much :^) does that cuff work like a bracelet?

about the friendships here that are real: ysy. let it be known that if time, place or circumstance included an friendship with you, i would smile at that :^)

and not withstanding one very unfortunate relationship, word about me is i am loyal and often silly. (hee hee)


Sugar Lump Studios said...

Cat I adore your new banner! Precious photos and love seeing your children. Your etching pieces are gorgeous! lovely details in each piece! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!