Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Art is You...Stamford

I am so excited to share my friends the two classes I have planned for Art is Stamford Ct.But first let me tell you that this retreat is unlike any other...First of all they are now offering three different delicious locations...Petaluma Ca,Stamford Ct.,and now Nashville Tn.!! Holy Smokes!! Now this  ALL INCLUSIVE joyous week of art workshops, includes Buffet Bonanza Lunches, Morning Motivators, Eat Cake Create events, plus Art Trunk and so much read more about it go to 
Now I am teaching two classes,the first "Now or Never" Pendants which include techniques on adding texture to metal,soldering with an iron and using two types of resin ...Ice and Casting Resin...How fun is that!

The second class is "Glass Tube Pendants" which will have techniques such as learning multiple ways to add an image to glass,creating solder caps with a soldering iron and creating personalized solder charms.

Hope you can join me!!

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Friday, January 11, 2013

A Sneak Peak and the Giveaway Winner

I am so excited to share some photos of the first class I will be offering at Art is You in Stamford Ct. October 2013.This class is called Glass Tube Pendants and they were inspired by wood planks created by the uber talented Lorraine Renyolds.

In this class I will be teaching 3 different photo application techniques,how to add solder caps on to the glass tubes and how to make the sweet soldered stamped charms on the bottom of the pendants...

I am sooooo excited about the class and hope that others will be too...

To get info about the retreat just go to
The workshops for Stamford have not yet been listed but you can still take a peak around the site.

Belle Armoire
Now for those of you that don't know,I am a huge fan of Fashion Design.All through high school I wanted to be a designer,but as life would happen,it wasn't meant to be and I am totally ok with that.Things happen for a reason right.But I do want to share with you that some of my pieces made it into Belle Armoire...a wonderful fashion forward magazine and I am so thrilled to be included among the pages of brilliant fashion.

Oh yes,I wondered well what do my little tins have to with fashion...heehee..I finally reached the answer...Who cares...I'm thrilled to be a part of it!!

Giveaway Winner
The winner of my little Giveaway is off to Nancy at I am going to admit,when Nancy's name came out,I swallowed a big gulp...oh dear..Nancy is the most amazing mixed media artist and she's going to have one of my little trinkets...ok,yes,I'm feeling a bit intimidated here...heehee..I know silly right...but Nancy's work is heavenly....hope she likes my little Jenga block.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

At the speed of Light

Where did the time go...Christmas was here...and then it was gone...Here's Josh and I at his class Holiday Party...

and Daddy and Josh sharing Christmas memories at Universal...

and before we count to three...Christmas was upon us..New Years flew by and through it all we made some wonderful memories.
I also had a busy month with publications.I have four articles out on the shelves,so be sure to look for me in the Winter editions of Belle Armoire Jewelry,Somerset Studio,Jewelry Affaire ,Somerset Studio Gallery...and soon to come
Belle Armoire.

Now for this year I have already picked my quote for the year...and I'm finishing up a leather cuff so that I can wear it and so that it can remind me to be true...

"Out of Love,not Fear" -Elie Tahari
When he said this,he was referring to the act of "Creating"(He's a fashion Designer that I love)but I think it can apply to everything...
I will create out of love and not fear..
I will take chances...
I will live my life...
I will make my voice heard...
I will be a good wife...
I will be a good mother..'
Oooh I can go on and on...
See what I mean...heehee...

Now today I am offering to you my friends a new giveaway.I just listed my Jenga pendants(that were published in Jewelry Affaire) in the shop...I ended up making another one and if you want to have it just leave me comment and friend me on Facebook.
I will pick the winner Friday Jan 11th.

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