Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Corrine and some Inspiration At Last!!

Last week I visited my dear friend Corrine at http://dosfishes.blogspot.com/ and she just happened to post about some of her lovely work..as I drooled over her collages..I commented about how beautiful they were..if only I could see one up close I said..well.. the next day she emailed me and asked me for my address and proceeded to mail out two of her beauties..Oh my..what a treat...And when I opened the envelope..little giggles came up from my throat as I looked at every inch of these darling gems.Thank you so much Sweet Corrine!!

 This week I actually got around to making something..I'm thinking Corrine's collage cards inspired me..Anyhoo..I came up with some wrap around cuffs and some ACEO's...

"Temet Nosce" Know Thyself created by using leather,copper wire and findings..
Metallic Ribbon stitched with Chain and Crystal
Now on Etsy
 "Delight In the Little Things"#366
and more..The ACEO's will be making their debut on EBAY tonight..
Thanks for visiting me today.
"We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust” -Rumi

As always,
thank you so much for stopping by


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out! Love your new creations....and your cuff bracelet sparkles every time I wear it. xox Corrine

Kori said...

Wow...these are gorgeous! I hope you have an amazing Tuesday! Stop by and say hello! Kori xoxo


Amanda Summer said...

the 'know thyself' bracelet is stunning -

and the rumi quote is music to my ears today.

thank you, dear cat♡♡

Sea Witch said...

Thanks for sending us Corrine's way. You are correct, beautiful collages to drool over. I adore my bracelet that you created for me. I will give it to Kaitlyn one day when she is much older so she can be reminded of all of the many people who were thinking of her during her surgery and her recovery. It gives me joy and strength to see it on my wrist and wish for it to do the same for her when I pass it on to her. Sea Witch

Lori ann said...

yay for inspiration! i love that feeling and all of your beautiful creations cat!
good luck with etsy and ebay!

sharon said...

When you are inspired, you are in overdrive Cat! Everything is so so beautiful, and I love how we all inspire each other.....love all around!

Deborah said...

Love your work and your blog!

Cindy said...

Cat, thank you for sharing Corrine's beautiful collage work - what a wonderful surprise gift!!
I love your new wrap bracelets. And your new ACEO's. Everything you create is a thing of beauty. I would have a great big Cat Kerr collection if I could....and I will slowly and surely. :-)

kj said...

hello cat. :)

i'm glad to hear you are inspired to create and i wish you success with everything you imagined and then make happen!

it is fun for me to get to know and understand your art and pieces.


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Cat,
that was very sweet of Corrine!
Bloggers are the best!! Love your Aceo's - so very beautiful.I bet they look even better up close:)The bracelet is stunning - good luck with ebay.
Have a wonderful weekend.

ArtbymeCindy said...

Love it all Cat! I need to get some creating done. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!