Friday, April 29, 2011

Always Seeking

I find inspiration in that wackiest of objects..
I came across this newspaper covered bird and it yelled,screamed
and kicked for me to bring it home and give it some legs to stand on..


Don't we all feel like Seekers?Always searching,always asking?..
I know I am..
always wondering..
Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?

What are you Seeking?

I also had a chance last week to try some etching..
it was fun fun fun..and addicting..
I didn't like the way some of these came out,but I learned a few things along the way..

-always wear gloves and eye wear
-Never use PCB(etching solution) smells!!
-Don't use the same mixture more than three times
-it helps to agitate mixture every 10-20 minutes
-before throwing out,neutralize with baking soda..when it stops bubbling,ok to dispose of.

"Fly" Stamped and Etched Copper with a hot air balloon image and mounted on to stitched fabric.

"Butterfly" Brass Cuff

"Hope" Etched and Stamped Copper

Sending prayers to our Brothers and Sisters hit hard by the Tornadoes.

As always,
thank you so much for stopping by


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Wacky ideas with wings are always cool, and especially so in your capable hands. Great post, inspiration, usually a color or hue will start the process, from almost anywhere, earth, sky, trash heap! xox Corrine

Jingle said...

So many wonderful things!!! I love the bird!

Heavens2Betsy said...

I love your bird, your words and your etchings. Its lovely here! penny

Susan said...

Wonderful, inspiring post and beautiful new work!!! Always a pleasure to stop by, Cat. Thank you. :)

kijjet said...

Oh that bird is just plain wonderful! The necklaces and cuff are lovely too.

Debrina said...

Cat!!!! I found you again, thank gawd! I have a confession to make. A few months ago, I changed my blogger address and when I did, ALL my dear blogger friends lost their spot on my side-panel and you were on there. So I have been scratching my head these past few months trying to remember everybodies blog addresses. Finally, I found you again via Debrina Pratt. Phew! Anyway, my new addy is:
You may need to change it on your blog-roll(?)
All the best,
the other Debrina :-)

sharon said...

That's what I love about you Cat, never a dull moment, but oh so wonderful! You are always trying something new, always learning and craving. I love the bird piece, it's fantastic, and I love how you combined your etching with the soft fabric....these pieces are great!

Amanda said...

what are we seeking? oh, what a question cat - one that's been on my mind a lot this week.

these are lovely, esp the cuff - does it have a fuzzy edge or is that just the foto? either way, it's wonderful -- and i would love to know what book is the backdrop? such a wonderful idea - you are so creative ♡

Guriana said...

the bird is stunning!!:))

kj said...

what am i seeking?

damn it cat, i can answer that: TIME!

ENOUGH TIME to linger and ponder. to plant lettuce and write a chapter and forgetaboutwork for a few days at a time.

i who only works three days a week and has no kids at home is saying this, i who is today buried in paperwork and dealing with numbers when i really want colored pencils.

how lovely to complain. thank you, my friend :^)


ps you amaze me. keep it up

Melissa said...

Hey Kat, your creations are wonderful! I've always wanted to try etching. I too am often "seeking" something but often it escapes me! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the well wishes for Buddy the Wonder Dog!

Cindy said...

Cat, I just love what you've made with the etched metal... combining it with bits of stitched fabric. I just love that look. I always enjoy the new treasures I find here on your blog!

Gaby Bee said...

Your new creations are amazing! I love your bird and especially the etchings! Brilliant!

Have a lovely day!
Gaby xo

Monica said...

so fun learning a new technique. the mistakes are the best learning ops.

love the crazy bird.

today i am seeking relaxation, a slowing down.

Pania said...

Long time no see, cool stuff as always! yumyum!

Sunny Lee said...

It's always so inspirational to come to your blog and be amazed how you are always looking for something for inspirations~ I took sometime off from the blog for sometime and just got back yesterday. And it feels good to be back :) I'll come more often!!!!!!!!

Wiccan Witch said...


Sea Witch said...

whacky is as whacky does and I adore your creative whackyness! Always so much talent springing from your whacky thoughts. Keep on whacking! Sea Witch