Gratitude and Giveaway Winner

So much to be thankful for..

..My Sweet big brother Bill..
He found this amazing anvil at a garage sale and after I gave a little squeak he generously handed it over to me..Isn't she a beauty..

..Confederate Jasmine..
I can smell the sweet jasmine as soon as I open my slider..

Joshua won this Polar Bear at Seaworld many moons ago..
it has remained his constant companion..they sleep,play and sometimes eat together..  I treasure little "Polar"...perhaps,just as much as he does..

..The Perfect Fit..
This morning when I came across the most beautiful round antique brass doo-dads..

As soon as I saw them I knew that they would at last complete my ocean blue beads earrings and "Memories" Key Necklace that have been in the corner of my room(along with all my other unfinished projects)for some time..waiting for the perfect fit to complete the piece....

Thankfully this week I also had some time to play around with Sweet soldering..I'm getting a little bit adventurous and working on objects with fun shapes..

"Dragons Breathe" The colors in this stone just reminded me of dragons scales..

"Sunrise"..This sweet yellow glass reminded me of the warmth of the sun.

..Bloggy Friends..

Thank you so much sweet Bloggy friends..for every kind word and every sweet Hug.

Now for the winner of a personalized Soldered Pendant

Congrats Maggi!!
As always,
thank you so much for stopping by


Kori said…
Congrats on your winner honey and hope you're feeling better. Have a fabulous Monday love! Kori xoxo
Maggi said…
O-M-G I can't believe I won, thank you so much!

I have to know what you're going to do with that anvil, that is awesome!
Lori ann said…
congratulations lucky maggie!

and how lucky to have such a sweet brother, is this something you can use in your art?

everyone of your pendants are beautiful, and the earrings are truly lovely too.

joshua and polar are so so sweet, i understand just how you feel cat, the love that is in those softies is from the very loved child.

xo lori
Anonymous said…
Lucky Maggi. That photo of Joshua is so adorable, oh my gosh, that bear is the best. An anvil huh! Now your jewelry table has some serious muscle. Lovely post Cat. xox Corrine
yoborobo said…
Cat, each of my kids has had one special animal (stuffed!) that slept with them, and was carried lovingly from room to room. Such nice memories! Your new jewelry is beautiful! xox Pam
kijjet said…
Oooh such beautiful jewelry in this post! Also I'm curious about the anvil as well!
Cindy said…
Congratulations to lucky Maggi!!
Cat, I enjoyed the update in your post. What a sweet brother to give you that amazing anvil. There's no holding back now, you are a jewelry making Queen!
Amanda Summer said…
oh cat, what a coincidence!! my (not so little anymore) boy had a polar bear as his childhood 'lovey' and he called it polar too -- a very important part of our sweet to read your joshua cherishes the same toy♡

congrats to maggie --- enjoy that gorgeous pendant!
laughingwolf said…
love that anvil! lol

grats, maggi... a great win....
ArtbymeCindy said…
Wow Cat nice Anvil! The jewels all look great! I am so wanting some time to create! Live just gets too busy sometimes!
Sunny K. Lee said…
Hi Cat, it' has been a while that I visited my artist friends blogs~ You seem pretty busy creating more wearable arts~ LOve them!!!!!!!!!!! I'll come more often~ Enjoy your weekend :)

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