Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two New listings for tonight.
The first a Gratitude Journal
named "The Light In My
Heart".Made with premium
papers,vintage reprint,
brooch,beads,metal key,
Swarovski crystals and more.
Secondly is a 4 panel chipboard
Mitten Christmas Book.Covered
in premium papers and
a whole bunch of Goodies.
I especially love the
snowman made out
of beads on the side.


Nancy Maxwell James said...

ohhhhh I love both of these pieces! The cameo on that collage is such a charming touch..and the mitten christmas book really tugs at my heartstrings (being a Michigan native and all)...gorgeous work m'dear! :)

Julia said...

Wow I love your blog and all the beautiful things you've created!
Thanks so much !

pilarcat said...

Love the red mitten :-)