Friday, June 4, 2010

Miami Heat and What ever happened to "Kindness"?

Miami Heat and the Beautiful Beach..

The kids and I took a couple of days and went to go visit the folks in Miami.I really don't like to of those things I do because I have to..not because I want to..but thankfully there was no rain on my journey down and the construction and traffic were not to bad at all.

Here's Hannah with Grandma Oti..

And the Beach..ahhh...just heavenly..

On the way back from the beach we had to cross a busy intersection,and well Mom doesn't walk very well and I had to hold on to her as we walked.Well when the light turned green for us to go,we began..slowly..but moving..and as the yellow light began to blink,and eventually turned red...a man that was waiting for us to pass yells out.."Red means don't go" a really rude and obnoxious way...well,fortunately my mother didn't understand what he meant and the kids had already gone on ahead,...but I heard him...loud and clear...and his voice echoed in my mind for the rest of the day and night...Whatever happened to kindness anyway?Has it gone out with the trash accidentally?

A couple of days ago Sweet Marion from posted words on Kindness,..and they moved me,and they reminded me of my husbands 3 month hospital stay...I didn't see a lot of kindness during those months...but the compassion that crossed me left a lasting impression....things like a...slight squeeze of support,or a smile,having someone look directly at you when they spoke to you,...That kindness and compassion stayed with molded me and I am truly blessed.I suppose it just saddens me when someone can be so cold..and consumed in only it become so hard to show a little kindness?I hope not.I hope not.I HOPE not!

Getting my frustration out..thanks for listening.

As always,

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Little Messy Missy said...

After I vent I wash my hands. I know it is silly but it makes me feel like I have washed it away and no longer have to think about it!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Oh, wow! I am beyond honored to be mentioned here! I think we are onto something, a kindness movement of sorts where our mission is to just, simply be kind. What a difference that can make in the world!

The photos of your family are so beautiful - so much love and happiness. So wonderful to see that!

Thank you for thinking of me!

La Dolce Vita said...

when things like that happen, I always think that the person must be suffering terribly not feel a sense of allowance and understanding. it sounds like it was a great visit! and I hate to drive!!!

Sea Witch said...

How sad that this man's little life is wrapped up in a stop light rather then the woman who needed time to cross the road. Time has a way of setting things right and it won't be too long before he finds himself needing extra time to cross a busy street. I hope he remembers his own behaviaor when he hears the loud and impatient voice of another who is driven by their own sense of time. Blessings to you and your lovely family and especially mom. Sea Witch

Lori ann said...

Sending hugs and lots of love to you and your BEAUTIFUL family Cat. I'm glad your Mom didn't know or recognize what that man was saying. Life is too short to not be happy and full of joy.
♥ lori

Jamie said...

Sometimes people are so comsumed with their own baggage that they can't see past to other's needs. One day he will be on the receiving end of this situation. One day he will feel the embarrassment and know what you felt. We have all been there. Hugs to you. Love, Jamie

Dragonfly Creations said...

I know exactly what you mean, does anyone not how to smile and say please and thank you any more! Growing up in Africa I got used to greeting people with a hello how are you greeting. This always received a warm response from people doing boring but necessary jobs. I still do it here in England where it raises eyebrows but is sometimes appreciated.

Maggi said...

These pictures are darling!

I'm sorry that happened, it seems like common courtesy has gone the way of the dodo. Things like this make me want to be doubly kind just to balance the scales. :)

Have a great weekend!

Riki Schumacher said...

HI Cat, you are most definitely entered in the box giveaway, of course. I have so been where you are. When I was caring for my ailing mother, same treatment, everywhere. No compassion for the aging. It is unbelievable. People are in too big of hurry to have any empathy, just sick. Especially those stressed, and unhappy already. Get used to that, it doesn't change. They need to have their folks be slow, or handicapped, then they will get it. Very sad. Hang in there, just do what you have to do, block out the rudeness. Love your mom, appreciate the moment, because the jerk yelling at you isn't! Big hug, Riki

Mollye said...

Sorry you got less that the best. I feel your soul though and the blahs won't last long with you!

Brenda LaBell said...

Ooooo Cat, the pictures at the beach are wonderful!! Such lovely smiles well worth the drive.

I get more and more disgusted with the so called Human Race!!! I can't believe how we treat one another or our enviroment!! We have a beautiful park here for kids, swings, jungle gyms, a pravilion, grills, basketball courts, a baseball field, skate park and even a sprinkler system for the kids to play in and cool off and it is usually so clean. Tonight we took the grand kids there to play and cool off and I was appauld at what I saw, trash everywhere, it was awful, the beautiful green childhood park had been disgraced with trash!!! It looked like it had been ransacked!! As we walked on in there they were the guilty culprits lacking in any respect for the treat before them. The fact that this park is maintained by City Employees is truly a treat given to the community as a gift not owed to them!! The grown adults playing basketball left all of their plastic water bottles, snack wrapper, etc spread all across the knoll. A childs birthday party with adult supervision left plastic bags, snack packages, paper plates, cups, napkins, food, etc all around the pravilion as it blew around to the areas in the park that they hadn't even touched!! Trash cans all around and they were to lazy to use them!! What happened to kindness??? What happened to respect?? What happened to people getting off their lazy duffs??? We are suppose to be civilized human beings, ackkkkkk. Sorry, guess I'm a little ranty myself tonight, sigh.

I'm so sorry you and your Mom were treated like that!!

((Big Hugs from me to you))
Stand proud that you are above that behavior!!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Don't give up on people just yet. I just got home from taking my mom out for her 86th birthday. We had the nicest young man as a waiter and we left with such a good feeling. Mom went on and on about what a nice evening she had. Feel sorry for the guy in the car because he is missing out on life and is too wrapped up in the small things to enjoy the really important things. I had received an email it reminded me of. The woman behind the camera was videotaping her son on his skate board when she witnessed some commotion and she caught it on tape. An elderly lady was crossing the street very slowly. A guy in a red sports car was impatiently waiting for her to get across and finally honked his horn. She stopped in front of him, looked and angrily swung her purse hitting the front grill of his car. She must have hit it just right because it set off his airbag. She just walked away and he sat there in disbelief. (It costs a lot of money to replace those airbags :-)) Hope that gives you a bit of a smile. I like to think there are a lot more courteous people than thoughtless ones.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

That, is one of the most appealing things of life here in small town, and rural Indiana.
Kindness is alive and well here. (Most of the time)
Thank God.
Folks are in such a hurry to get nowhere...that kindness is so easily trodden upon.
Sorry you had to experience that.
It's always awful....

Becca said...

Your photos at the beach look so inviting! Isn't it wonderful when we do witness an act of kindness? It's contagious, I hope. What a shame that man was so rude! Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving me a sweet comment. Have a great day Cat!

vintagesusie & wings said...

Hi Sweet Cat,
I too can't stand it when people are rude or unkind to anyone & especially to a stranger. The only thing I do know from my own personal experience, is that the good & kind people of the world way out number the jerks.
If only we could do something like in the movie 'Escape From NY' & stick all the jerks together & confined in one place so they could only be jerks to each other...wouldn't that be cool! It's not very compassionate of me, but they asked for it, right!!! LOL
Smiles friend,

Cindy said...

Hello Cat
What a touching post - and so sad that you encountered that rude man. I've been there - when someone is so shockingly rude it just stays with you and haunts you. But as you mentioned, there are such compassionate and wonderful people out there too, thank goodness. I think you are one of those "good guys" - you always portray your own sense of compassion here on your blog, and it is so refreshing.

DW Quilt Art said...

Lovely pictures of your family...yes, sadly, too many people are in too much of a rush some time, although kindness only takes a second :-) Sending some your way...your work continues to evolve in wonderful ways! Diane

Saschi said...

my dear cat,
what a sweet soul you are! and a wonderful artist too! your blog blows me away. it makes me feel.... pink. however, i am an old southern teamster broad and whilst your friends are indeed far above such antics, had i have been there and in juuuuussst the right mood, and the man had done that..... i would've made positively sure he would'nt / couldnt honk that little o bitty horn for a long long time.
less honky
more tonky