Monday, July 19, 2010

Has Anybody Seen Candace?

The day after Candace arrived here...something dreadful happened..I can hardly even believe it,..its too frightful to say..and if I had not witnessed the act myself I surely would argue the point...but you see dear friends I did witness it and now I must confess....that on the day of her arrival.....breathe of her sweet little eyes went read correctly..her precious green wooly eye came undone.After the initial shock Candace tried to console our troubled minds by sharing hugs and kind words,however she soon started having trouble with her vision and began bumping into things..Oh dear.

The next morning we woke to find the most dreadful news..Candace has disappeared...well not exactly..she left us a read the following..

Dear Kerr Family,I am off to find my eye..Do not fret,I will be back soon.-Candace

What!!! This cant be happening.

The next day,we received a call from Bob at the Bowling Alley..He said he spotted Candace playing a game ... "Huh?"

Then we heard from Phil at the theatre.."She's here at the 8pm showing of Eclipse".. "Excuse me?"

Then Mary called from the Local Library.."Candace has opened up a library card and is taking 5 books out,Can you please make sure they get returned?".."Of course" I added quickly..

And just this morning,Susie at local Vision Center called and said "Candace has selected a frame and they will be ready by 2pm."..."Uh, O.K..Thanks Susie."

When I had just about enough of this!!....we get a knock..Now what?

" that you?".....frantically..I asked.."What happened?".."Did you find your wooly eye?".."Sadly, I could not find my wooly eye",she began.."it must have blown away,..but on my travels I met Bob from the Bowling Alley who insisted that I keep one of his lovely green buttons,.. and then I met Phil from the theatre and he suggested that perhaps the button could be my new eye and that I should sew the button on...but since I didn't know how to sew I spoke to Mary at the Library who directed me to the sewing books,..but she later told me.. that the button is not perfect match to my other eye,so I may need to go see Susie at the local Vision Center. Susue helped me find the perfect pair of glasses...and now I'm back to share the rest of my visit with you...."

"Oh Candace..we are so happy your here"..and I must add.."You look spiffy in your new Glasses"

Thanks to Hannah and Joshua for coming along on the journey.

As always,
thank you so much for stopping by


The Littlest Thistle said...

Oh dear, poor Candace, but so glad she is able to see again now!

Kass said...

How fun! Good for Candace - and good for you for being such a good hostess.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What an adventure! I hope you can keep up with her! heehee! HAVE FUN! ♥

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What fun! Candace is an independent spirit apparently!
She's making tracks and seeing all the sights!

Lori ann said...

hahaheehee! so funny. poor candace, lucky you had Hannah and Joshua with you! This could have been named Candace's Shenanigans. haha!

MerryDay said...

What a fun post! I like when Cadace chose her frame hehe.

This makes me smile :-)

Dede said...

Wow, Candace sure knows how to have an adventure! Her new glasses look very nice. Wishing you a wonderful week!


DW Quilt Art said...

What a great it! Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments! Hugs, Diane

NuminosityBeads said...

The glasses and eye replacement! I hadn't thought about the fact that she may require medical attention during her year away. I'm so glad that she's being taken care of well. She actually seems to take things into her own hands quite well. (even tho she doesn't appear to have any) I'm so proud of her!
What a great post. I had to laugh out loud which is even better than a simple LOL.
xoxox Kim

Cindy said...

Cat you are a fabulous story teller and an all around crafty gal and terrific Mom! I enjoyed reading Candace's tale of the lost eye!

dosfishes said...

Candace looks beautiful in her new glasses, an air of sophistication about her. she is a true adventurer indeed.

Margaret said...

Super cool adventure! I'm still laughing!! Margaret

Nancy Maxwell James said...

LOL! Cat you are too funny! Candice looks like a great extra family member to have round! :) Thanks for sharing her! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Saschi said...

candice looks breathtaking! and with her longing(s) to feed the gypsy in her soul, you might want to keep a close "eye" on her!
by the way, nice to see your sons art site! i made my order on monday i believe, very cute fella that one! i think he should perhaps draw candice!

Kimberly Rogers said...

Aw Candace, I really miss her! I wonder where she ended up?