Monday, July 5, 2010

Its Time for a Party!! A Midsummers Night Secret Dream Party!

Congrats to Bonnie from for winning my Giveaway!!Just email me your info Bonnie!!

I also wanted to add that today I found a great Blog Party,(courtesy of Chella at ) and over at and Hosted by Kelly(A Stuffed Life).She writes beautifully and inspired me to join her lovely party...She writes..

"Nearly every creative person I know harbors those secret dreams. They have that project they want to bring into the world, but it never quite makes it, preferring to reside in the misty recesses of their secret soul. Sometimes we wait because we just need that extra little push.

Well my darlings, the time has come! Click your heels together three times, wish on a star, clap your hands until you believe, follow your muse or soar on the wings of a fairy...whatever it takes."

So take a look and join in on this fun and creative Party!!

Lastly,I wanted to add this article from
on "The Secret To Connecting with People" Whenever I get a chance I visit Raptitude.. and I always leave feeling refreshed and a little wiser.I don't normally have a hard time talking to people,but I do find myself being conscious of being in the moment.... Most people are in such a rush all the time,wishing everyone would just slow up a bit..
So this article hit a cord and I just wanted to share.Here's a excerpt from the article..
"Think of it this way: when you are listening, the most important thing in the
world is to figure out where the other person is coming from."

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Marlene said...

Sounds very interesting and fun, I will check it out. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

Thank you for posting about the party, I am so glad you will be joining us!

Hugs, Kelly

In the Light of the Moon said...


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Sounds like fun! And thanks for the links! I will go right now and visit Raptitude...I think I would be very interested in this site! ♥