Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Stillness of the Mind"

My father used to blast his classical melodies while the house went on as always.My love for classical started there and I moved from there to love all genres,but always having a place in my heart for this style of music that stirred inside what could not be spoken.Nowadays I find love like this in the soundtracks of the cinema.Movies not only visually stunning and a treat for the eyes,...but for the ears as well,....filling me up with unexplained happiness.Movies like Pride & Prejudice(Jean-Yves Thibaudet-Composer),The Painted Veil(Alexandre Desplat-Composer),Lord of the Rings(Howard Shore-Composer),Shindlers List(John Williams-Composer).

I wish I could explain to you the beauty this kind of music resonates in my head as the notes dance in my heart.Music like this awakens the soul,fills the heart and mind with nothing but feeling.Perhaps sweetness,perhaps sadness,perhaps joy,perhaps love.Only Feeling.

Last Night I found that feeling again,moving me to tears.Its not very often that music brings me to tears,not very often my mind begins begins to whirl,dizzy with emotion.Not very often a lump arises in my throat wanting to speak,and I cant.

When I first saw the preview for "The Single Man",I immediately put in on my Netflix list,...not because it looked like an interesting movie but because the music caught my ears and I simply had to enjoy more of it.Then again..Colin Firth was in it and .....Yowza...Me liky Colin Firth!!

I was alarmingly surprised by the movie.Beautiful,tragic,shocking,heartbreaking,evocative and that was in the first 20 minutes.

The first scene drew me in..the scene..the music..ahh the music..playing "Stillness of the Mind" by Abel Korzeniowski.Stunning.

After the movie,I did the obvious and ordered the album on itunes and have been enjoying it ever since.
Beauty like this,feeling like this..has to be shared.

Abel Korzeniowski

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Mandihy said...

I return of holidays, thank you for this magnificent sharing and so many feelings... thank you thank you thank you...

dosfishes said...

Music is such a powerful influence, like you, my parents played music too, but it was jazz and to this day I love jazz and love to create with jazz playing in the background, it stirs the juices up! Thanks for your comments.

Kass said...

I could have sworn I already left a comment on this post. I agreed with you about some movie music being the best classical music we are producing right now. I love the music from this movie.

Lori ann said...

I am going to Netflix to put this movie in my queue right now, thank you Cat.
enjoy your album!

Terri Kahrs said...

What's not to love about Colin? Add some beautiful music, and it's a perfect evening. I'm heading to Netflix now! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Saschi said...

nice post cat! i'll certainly check out that movie soon! you know cat, i'm that way about celtic music, the really primitive bagpipe kind. i do listen to lots of classical, i always have, but for me the celtic music seems to take me to another life ....almost as if i have lived before. and its that feeling that draws me to tears. missing "that" life.