Saturday, October 16, 2010

Letting the Cool Air In

The sweetness in the air today is oh so lovely.I am full of Gratitude,for these past days the weather has remained glorious and refreshing and its comforting arms have stretched far and wide embracing every corner of my home.

The doors remain wide and the soothing sights and sounds are truly remarkable.

And we took advantage of the wind and played alongside it..

..and as always, the wind inspires in so many ways..helping me to focus
on some
ideas swirling in my head..Some new yummies for the shop..filled with my
 favorite line from
 my favorite quote,"The Journey" by Mary Oliver

 Plus a new ring- a - ma-gig..using a glass marble,microbeads,paper
                and a ring base by the amazing Susan Lenart Kazmer..
     and another pendant using a great quote by Thomas Edison.

 Yes,I get it..I used the Q instead of a O in some first I made the mistake and thought I should start over...but later decided NAHHHHHHH...Kinda Like it!!

As always,
thank you so much for stopping by


stregata said...

That ring looks so cool! Great pendants.

dosfishes said...

Beautiful work. Why do we all love Mary Oliver so....she must be a muse to all artists everywhere. It's great to see the kids just being kids and smiling away. xox Corrine

Lori ann said...

Oh Cat, visiting you always makes me so happy, the beauty of your words, your gorgeous art and the kids! i love seeing the kids playing, good times, good memories all around!
enjoy dear friend!

p.s. M.O. is my VERY favorite, i just recieved her newest book this week, Swan. So lovely.

Lori ann said...

hi cat, i went to your shop to look for the m.o. pendant but didn't see it, will you be adding it soon? :)

Marlene said...

Love the ring and the pendant is cool.

yoborobo said...

Love the pics of your kids playing! It brings back lovely memories. :) The new pieces are gorgeous!

Sunny Lee said...

Looks like you are having a nice weekend Cat~
And thanks for your sweet message to my blog :)

Kass said...

This post was especially meaningful to me today.

Jingle said...

I love the new pendants! So gorgeous!

Cindy said...

I agree with you...this weekend's weather was just perfect to enjoy outdoors!! The kids look like they had a blast!
I love, love, love your new jewelry pieces. My goodness, you do such incredible things!!! And that ring - ooh, it's one of my favorite numbers! What size is it?? :-)

Out on the prairie said...

Had fun going through your blog. Just started reading Mary Oliver a friend gave her to me and thought we had some similarities.

Amanda said...

hi cat,

i am dropping in via my friend lori's blog - i just had to check out your site - as a cancerian a blog titled in the light of the moon is just calling my name!

what a lovely place you have here......i look forward to more visits!


p.s. evocative music!

kj said...

cat, your comment on lori's blog brought me here and i see it amanda couldn't resist either.

your honest and vulnerably sweet words to lori told me alot about you. so here i am. i didn't expect to find word art to delight me as well. i love your work here.


Susan said...

Beautiful post, Cat! It's always such a pleasure to stop by here. Wishing you a wonderful day. Susan

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Cat,
Your pendant are gorgeous! Love them.
XO Marie

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Cat, thank you so much for stopping by! Wish you could have been in the class, it was so much fun. I love these sweet cloth and metal pendants. Your work just continues to touch me so deeply. Not only the words you choose, but the texture, materials, and colors. You are such a talent. Big hug, Riki

sharon said...

You are amazing Cat! The ring is awesome...the pendants are my fav though! So much detail and layers...they make me feel so good! Thanks always for your encouraging words!

Linda said...

Love your work Cat - and the quotes are such great choices.
As for that blue flower.....its so amazingly BLUE!! Just gorgeous :-)

Debrina said...

Ahhh Cat - you are so cool!! I must be picking up on this concept of fabric and paper and metal in jewellery by osmosis because that's exactly what I'm experimenting with at home at the mo. In fact, I'm just about to post about it...if only blogs like yours wouldn't stop getting in the way of my concentration and pulling me off course with all there delectables! ha ha. Oh and I love your "doo-dads" etsy store. I've been thinking seriously of stocking mine with supplies too as there are a few things we get here in NZ that are really reasonably priced that you un the States can't get a hold of round wooden pegs for example. And doileys on the cheap! We have tons of it for real cheap here. So thanks for the inspiration and I may now have to go and shop at your place!!

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Cat! Thanks so much for stopping by and giving me some feedback on these bling things. They are really fun, don't know how many I'll do, but we'll see. I think you're right, takes the right woman and a good pair of jeans! Big hug, Riki

Heather said...

OMG I want one of everything... You and your creativity- ya'll are on a roll...Beautiful creations Cat!
Thanks for sharing-
Heather H

LauraX said...

a beautiful post...your children look so truly joyful!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Hello Cat
I adore your gorgeous pendant! Another beautiful piece of art! :) Hope all is well your way! :)