Sometimes There just Aren't Enough Words

The scream heard around the world.
When my sister Ingrid first called me and told me what she had
planned for us when I went up for a visit to NY for her birthday...well
..I just couldn't believe it.
Originally we planned to do as we always do..
Craft,of course..
but when the words came out of her mouth she said..
actually we are driving from NY to Virginia...
Driving to Virginia and taking a Stephanie Lee metal smith Class.
Head hit floor.
Then came the scream.
So I arrived Thursday night in NY,about 10pm,
and the next morning we packed up the supplies needed for the class,
and headed out on our adventure..
It took about 7 hours to get to Virginia and we chatted,ate,laughed,
all the way there...
When we arrived we checked into our hotel,ordered more yummy food....
and laughed some more.
Saturday morning,with nerves in my belly we met up with the class.

Here we are in the class..
that's me on the left and Ingrid on the right.
Here's Stephanie teaching the class..
She Rocks!!
To see more on her class and upcoming classes check her out at
and the pieces she passed around were all so beautiful..almost wanted to cry with joy as I held them...
every corner..every inch..filled with tasty morsels for the creative soul..
Now if this magical class was not enough..and meeting Stephanie was not enough..and going on a road trip with sis was not enough..well..

.. I also had a wonderful chance to meet Cindy from a special treat..

-Cindy,it was soooo great meeting you.Hugs my friend.

Now you might be asking ...Soooo did Cat learn anything at this once in a lifetime class..
yup!Sure did..

2-Have fun.
3-The torch is my friend.

The plan for the class was to create a necklace that can also be changed to a bracelet.Well I didn't have a chance to finish mine so I finished it at home and later decided to completely separate the pieces.The main bezel piece was moved to a altered bottle I was working on.The bezel was created using assorted metals,solder,mica,crystal and wire....
...The sterling silver chain was turned into a simple large loop bracelet with crystal.
Sometimes..there just aren't enough words to express how you really feel..sometimes your gratitude is to big that it fills up your entire heart with joy..leaving your mouth empty and want more than anything to tell those that have touched your life how much happiness they bring you...and you just cant find the right words..and I am..saying it all...sharing it in a way that others too can hear my heart .. and free this blessing into the night sky.
Thanks Sis.
As always,
thank you so much for stopping by


Cindy said…
Cat,oh the minute I saw you on Saturday, I knew it was YOU! And I knew we were already friends. You and your sister have smiles (and the sweetest dimples) that light up the whole room. To think that we actually somehow had the rare opportunity to sit in class together, one from VA and the other from FL, a class with Stephanie Lee!!! Yes, the weekend was a little dream come true for me too. I only wish it have lasted longer as those few short hours felt like minutes really. I am SO happy to have met you and Ingrid. You are even more incredible in person, Cat! Now we have those great memories to relive...... :-)
Lisa said…
I'm so happy for you, what a surprise, just as much for us as you! I loved that you got to do this with your sister! Good Times!

lots of hugs
sharon said…
WOW CAT! So glad you have a beautiful sister to do this for you and glad you had this opportunity! That is super fantastic, and I love love love what you created! I know what you mean about words, they are never enough, that is why I make jewelry!
Jingle said…
What a wonderful time together!!!
Anonymous said…
wow, what a surprise, you owe your sister big time for this one. Love what you are doing. It certainly jump started you in a new direction. xox Corrine
Cat, I'm sorry we didn't get to meet in class but I so enjoyed reading your blog and your finished pieces are amazing. Yes, you are lucky to have such a loving sister, but I know you already know that and clearly she feels the same way about you.
Lori ann said…
What a lovely, exciting post! So glad you had a great day Cat, it sounds just perfect for you.
Beautiful creations, as always!
Caterina Giglio said…
happy happy for you! just awesome!! xx's
Katy Cameron said…
Woohoo, sounds like a fab trip :o)
TesoriTrovati said…
I really didn't get the chance to know you and your sister, but I have to say that I was a bit jealous... to have a sister who enjoys the same things you do and wants to share and explore with you is really quite fantastic. My sister appreciates what I do but would not do it with me. She is the willing model for the creations! I wish that we had had more time to get to know each other, to learn about our respective histories and share. But I feel very blessed to have been in the same class as you.

Thank you for sharing your passion and creativity with all of us!
Enjoy the day!
Erin (from the other side of the room!)
Elisabeth said…
I'm new here, Cat via Kass. What a treat to read about your adventure with your sister. One of daughters and my husband make jewelry, so I know something of this craft and the skill and beauty involved. It's great to meet you here.
Riki Schumacher said…
Oh Cat!!! I'm SOOOO happy for you and your sis getting to take part in Steph's class. Not only is she the best, but you got to have so much fun learning. I'm thrilled you got to learn to solder, its a blast. I'm addicted, as you know. What a great sister you have. I'm just so darn happy for you. Have fun with the whole process, I know you will take it by the hand and lead it to your way of creating.

What a great comment you left. Isn't Maddie a hoot! She makes us laugh so hard everyday. That photo was a day before she got a hair cut, she looks like an old soul dog there. Too funny. Glad you got a kick out of it!!

Enjoy playing, I look forward to seeing your new creations. Hugs, Riki
Amanda Summer said…
what a delicious creative getaway, cat -- and doubly so to be with your sister!!! the foto of you both is adorable and i can see the family resemblance between your sis and your dear daughter ;-) sounds like you gathered inspiration for many more creative projects -- well done!

Diana said…
Isn't Stephanie great!!! I so enjoyed the classes I had the pleasure of taking from her...she is so talented and such a sweet soul. What a blessing to have shared it all with your sis. I am getting ready to go to Artfest with my sis...I'm so excited. Thanks for sharing,
Cat what a dream trip! I bet you had the bestest time ever and your photos of the project are amazing! beautiful art!

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