Where has the time Gone

These last few weeks have been a blur..With the end of the school year activites,parties,awards,recitals..Momma's head was starting to spin..and yet..when the dust began to settle... I look back at every moment...and I am so thankful and blessed for every second.

So now,with summer plans underway..I'm planning on....getting some sleep...okokok..maybe thats asking to much..a girl can dream..

Really though..all I really want is some play time..I'm keeping my fingers crossed with our "Summer House Rule number #3"..
Momma gets Play time in Studio from 8am-10am with no interuptions..

am I asking to much again..My kids are wonderful they let Momma play..or else Momma gets Cranky..hehhehhee.

With our first couple of days off I managed to squeeze out some goodies.

"Laughter is the best Remedy"Resin filled Pendant

"Little Bird" Soldered Brass Box Pendant

and I also had a chance to finish up my last giveaway for Maggi at http://justaddglitterandstir.blogspot.com/ Sweet Maggi had asked me if I could wait on making her pendant until her sweet beautiful Rosalind arrived..and so when Rosalind was born Maggi emailed me some photos..not just any photos..but two of the sweetest little princess photos ever!!

Introducing Rosalind and Big Sister Audrey

Thanks Maggi,for giving me such sweet inspiration to work with and allowing me to post these images.Big Hugs.

These pendants are now available in the Etsy Jewelry Shop

I'm leaving you today with another "Polar"(Joshua's best stuffed buddy)Sighting.For the first Polar sighting click HERE.

As always,
thank you so much for stopping by


There is something about the end of the school year that makes me feel how fast time is really going - it makes me dizzy! Hope you're feeling better!

I love these pendants, especially the laughter one! Beautiful work, as always, Cat!
Anonymous said…
Sweet new work Cat, looks like a little play for Mama is a good thing. xox Corrine
Amanda Summer said…
such precious baby-filled pendants!!

and LOVE the polar sighting — my (college freshman) son has his polar stashed somewhere out of sight in his room at home. enjoy this sweet but fleeting phase of your young man!!!
yoborobo said…
I love your rule! I try and get up early in the summer, before the teens, so I can have some time to myself. Doesn't always work (me getting up -hahaha!). LOVE your new jewelry, and oh my gosh, I adore the pic with the polar bear. Have a wonderful week - xox Pam
kj said…
are you asking too much, cat? hell no!

this piece for your friend's baby is out of this world. what a forever treasure.

so happy summer. btw, i have NO kids at home and i am punching my way (well, waving at least) my way to TIME to write. i do best with a full day at a time and i never have that,....except here in provincetown where the phone does not ring and the vacuum cleaner does not work (i lie when it suits my literary purposes, the vacuum PROBABLY works) :)

8 to 10 every day. it's yours ♥

Katy Cameron said…
Enjoy your summer, I think you all need uninterupted play time :oD
Your pendants are fabulous, especially the laughter one. Have a great summer.

Luthien Thye said…
hi Cat :)
these are some of the sweetest pendants!! i love what you did with the bird one ... you created a deeper bezel with these printed words on the transparent surface ... however did you do that!! amazing!! and the soldered pieces of the babies are so cute :) the soldering itself had my eyeballs popped out for a moment :)
sharon said…
Goooorgeous pendants Cat! Love the box! You are so good at so many things girl!
Wishing you lots of creative time!
Cindy said…
Cat, it's so good to "see" you again here, missed your updates! Your schools get out so early in FL! Our have about 3 more weeks. I do love your Summer House Rule... I don't think it could work in our house sadly, afterall I still have a 2 year old running amok! :-)
Your new pendants from the give away are so sweet.... I love the dangles, they are so meaningful and will be treasured for years to come.
What a cute picture with the polar bear!
Gaby Bee said…
These pendants are amazing! Love especially your "Little Bird" piece!

Enjoy your summer!
Gaby xoxo
Lori ann said…
oh i love those days... summer is almost here and i do hope you get your time, so important!

these pendants are so so precious!!
i love the "Little Bird" :))

Riki Schumacher said…
HI CAT! Oh yes, please do move to California, so we can play all the time! Wouldn't that be great. Well, wish you could come be in the class, would love to have y'all. Florida? Hmmm, have a brother in law there, who knows maybe someday?! Your pieces are just beautiful, love them all. I'm partial to birdies, so love that one more. Your sweetie with the polar bear is precious! Love him too. Take care, sending a big "bear" hug your way. Riki
Dede said…
Oh goodness Cat, we don't need rule #3 in our house, they don't get up before noon. LOL The baby pendant is gorgeous and a real keepsake. Kudos to you!

Maggi said…
Mama definitely needs her playtime too! lol I just love the pendant you made of my girls, thanks again!!!

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