Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Daydreamer,thats me.

Daydreamer:Someone who indulges in a dreamlike musing or fantasy while awake, especially of the fulfillment of wishes or hopes.

Thats me.

Have you ever seen another artist work
and your heart feels
as though it is going to explode
out of your body.
Thats how I felt when I first saw
the amazing work by
mixed media artist

and then I saw her jewelry line...
at Michaels Craft Store.

 I was in a complete and utter state of

      When I first found out that there was a call for designers
at S.L.K ICE Resin

I lost my breathe.
Oh my.
What if.
Breathe Cat.

So when I received the email from Kristen
that my application had been accepted
I started crying.
I started laughing.
I knew in my heart
that this

Go ahead Card


I am so Excited to be on this new
and wonderful Journey.

Thank you so much Kristen
for your always beautiful kind words and
for believing in me.

 And now here are the members of

Cat Kerr(heehee)

"Only as high as I reach can I grow

Only as far as I seek can I go

Only as deep as I look can I see

Only as much as I dream can I be"

— Karen Ravn

As always,
thank you so much for stopping by


Amanda said...

yay cat!! congrats as you embark on this exciting new journey!

and p.s. that heart exploding thing? i feel that way about your work ♡

Cynthia@OrnamentalStyle said...

Hi, Cat. Congratulations on being chosen for the ICE Resin creative design team. They made the right choice in choosing you. Your work is gorgeous and you will do a phenomenal job for them. What a dream come true. All the best and have a wonderful, creative, fun year on the team.

La Dolce Vita said...

wonderful!! but I am not surprised, you are so talented! and Susan is fun and brilliant ... met her at Art Fest one year...
Congrats and enjoy! xox

Katy Cameron said...

Woohoo, congrats! Your work is fabulous, well deserved :o)

mairedodd said...

congratulations cat on this huge honor... so well deserved... looking forward to seeing what you create!

Vintage Green said...

Yeah for you!!!!!
Can't wait to see what new and exciting things you all come up with!!

Chris said...

Yay yay yay Hurray!!!! My sis on the creative team for SLK!!! How cool is that?!!!! I'm jumping up and down so happy and proud and yelling wooo hoooo!!!
You so deserve this. Now go make cool stuff and inspire lots and lots of people!

Prządka said...

I'm very glad your happy Cat! Big congrats also from me :)
I saw works of Susan Lenart Kazmar - yes, they are awesome and artful. And I admire your works and I think you create gorgeous works equally.
Greetings, Małgosia

Tina Schiefer said...

Congratulations, Cat!!! I am looking forward to our new adventure together. I'm SO excited TOO!!! I read your post and feel the same way....

I'm raising my virtual glass to you and our team members!!!



Jack and Cat Curio said...

You captured the feeling perfectly...we are so thrilled to be on the ice resin creative team with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cat. I can't wait to see what you do with ICE Resin and all the amazing Art Mechanique line of products. Your work is beautiful and you're going to be a great addition to the group! I'm looking forward to working with you. -- Jen

Anonymous said...

Hi Cat, Thank you for your comments and am just tickled to pieces to be part of the team. I look forward to getting to know you and journey with you in this new endeavor. Your words do express exactly how I feel too. Such and honor and pleasure. Cheers!!! JoAnnA

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Congrats! I'm excited for the new team members and for all the fun you will have this year. I am so looking forward to seeing all the new eyecandy!

Whosyergurl said...

CONGRATS, Cat! And I have to add...I'm not surprised!
xo, Cheryl

Riki Schumacher said...

YEAH Cat!!! I am so happy for you. That will be a load of fun. I love Susan to death, she is a doll. Enjoy creating with that talented team. Riki xox

sharon said...

A huge congrat's Cat! I am looking forward to seeing what you create, I know it will be fantastic as is everything you set out to do!

TesoriTrovati said...

Miss Cat! I did a jump when I saw your name mentioned for the creative team. They could not have picked a better person to be on the team. I will be excited to see where this go ahead card takes you! ;-)
Enjoy the day!

andrea said...

what a beautiful post! I look forward to this journey and being on the team with you.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

WooHoo!!!! Now the daydreams are real!!! xox Corrine

Lynn Stevens said...

WoooooooHooooooo A BIG congrats for making the team! Looking forward to seeing all your creations with Ice Resin!

Cindy said...

Cat!! Jumping up and down excited for you!! You must be on Cloud 9! What exciting news.... really the best news ever. I am truly happy for you, dear friend. I think you pulled that "Go Ahead" card long ago, because your work is like no other - your endless creativity and imagination will make an incredible pair with Ice Resin. Can't wait to go along this journey with you!

Lisa said...

Congratulations! You Wonderful you! After reading all your inspirational tidbits, you show us that if you believe then one day it will come true! I'm excited for you!!!!


Prządka said...

Oh Cat!
Thank you for stopping by my modest blog again. You are so nice and polite:)
I am very happy that the translate button works. And it's nice that you want to understand what I write. Thank you! Big hugs, Małgosia