Friday, December 16, 2011

I am slowly Learning


Another morning and I wake with thirst
for the goodness I do not have. I walk
out to the pond and all the way God has
given us such beautiful lessons. Oh Lord,
I was never a quick scholar but sulked
and hunched over my books past the hour
and the bell; grant me, in your mercy,
a little more time. Love for the earth
and love for you are having such a long
conversation in my heart. Who knows what
will finally happen or where I will be sent,
yet already I have given a great many things
away, expecting to be told to pack nothing,
except the prayers which, with this thirst,
I am slowly learning.
— Mary Oliver

I wholeheartedly believe that every soul comes into your life to teach you something...even if it is just for a moment in time,it is up to us to figure out what the lesson is and be thankful.
Reading pages from my friends lives(aka blogs),I often laugh,and have even been moved to tears,...I sometimes feel extreme joy, and often drool over art,...I swoon over words,and gaze at photos,...and all of this with people that I have never met...Though some of you I have known for years and some are new friends...I am and will always be, thankful to you,for being my path to the pond.

Each one.beautiful.a lesson.a friend.
                                                         Corrine: offers up a lesson in Kindness and Wisdom
Cindy: offers up a lesson in Family and Friendship
Mary Jane: offers up a lesson in Simplicity and Stillness 
Amanda: offers up a lesson in Adventure and my lost love of History
Sharon: offers up a lesson in Strength and Hope
Lori Ann: offers up a lesson in Sweetness and Awareness of the World we live in
Kj: offers up a lesson in Strength and Friendship
Riki: my Momma Guidance offers up a lesson in self worth
Jen: my new friend offers up a lesson in Generosity and Kindness
Zinnia: offers up a lesson in the Magic of Art and Patience
Alice: offers up a lesson in Giving and Kindness
Molly: offers up a lesson in Gratitude and Beauty
Chris:  my art sister offers a lesson in  Unconditional Love
Kristen: offers up a lesson on Listening and Love
Kass:offers up a lesson in Courage and Being True

Who offers up a lesson to you today?Tell them so,and tell them how thankful you are.

As always,
thank you so much for stopping by


Alice said...

What a wonderful post, and much needed after the frustrating day I've had.

Thanks also for mentioning my blog here. Now I'm off to get a bite of chocolate while I check out all the links.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh Cat, what a sweet post. Another reason I love you so my daughter (her hee)! I am happy to help you in any way I can, always. Glad some of my words have helped. You are just beginning to spread your wings. You are a kind and talented lady. xoxo Riki

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, what a lovely idea!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Thank you Cat, for always being a positive voice for me. I see your joy in your making, your joy in your family and like you said, even though we have never met, friendship crosses many boundaries. What a lovely post. I will take the time to visit all these women, some who I do not know and see their lessons. xox Corrine

mairedodd said...

cat, i am deeply honored to have made this list... i just got my baj in the mail and am thrilled to share pages with you... i will second riki - you are very talented and are just beginning... hope those wings are prepped and ready for the flight!

Jamie said...

Beautiful post and spoken from the heart. Your blog is always a joy. I saw your Little Windows in my new Sew Somerset!! Congratulations:) Love, Jamie

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This is truly a lovely post...and a good way to show how we feel about our blog buddies! Happy holidays to you! ♥

kj said...

ah cat, thank you so much. the lesson in friendship is easy: in fact, i am honored to be your friend.

as for strength, hahaha, i hold up my little toothpicks and hope they will be strong enough to protect me. again and again i hold them in front of my heart.

you are given so many gifts and givers for a reason. it is because of who you are.

i remember what you said about trusting when we first met....


Cindy said...

Cat, you are so sweet. Thank you for thinking of me - I'm humbled. I'm one of the few that has had the great pleasure of meeting you in person - and when we met, I felt like we had been friends all along. YOU inspire me with your enthusiasm, appreciation, positive outlook and your constant support and friendship. You sure made my day, friend! :-)

Kass said...

Simply beautiful.

I adore, love, admire Mary Oliver. Thanks for reminding me and thanks for the mention of me as one of your friends.
The feeling is totally mutual.

I am filled to overflowing by this post.

sharon said...

Thank you for the beautiful tribute to all you mentioned Cat. You are amazing.....YOU, and all the people listed here give me the Strength and Hope I need, and so much more. I am grateful for having you and the others as blog friends, I carry you all in my heart.

Amanda said...

dearest cat ~

your words have touched me more than you will ever know. it is a pleasure to write about and share the things in life which you love, and it is a joy to know that all of that connects with another in a meaningful way. I am honored that my adventures into history have somehow become lessons in your eyes. and i am so grateful that you are my friend.

with love always and brightest holiday wishes to you and your beautiful family ♡


Jen Cushman said...

Sweet Cat, sorry it took me a few days to get here to see your post. All the Christmas rush with the kiddos. As always, thanks for the kind words. You are a very special person and a wonderful aritst!

Chris said...

Ahhh Cat, you honor me by including me in this wonderful list~~Thank you little sister! I'm thankful that I get to claim you as a dear family member. You bring a delight and joyful intention to everything you do. Bless you!!

Molly Alexander said...

Cat - what a beautiful post, and such powerful words. I am always inspired when I visit your blog, and can't wait for the day when we will meet in person. I am honored to be mentioned here, and so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your path, as you are a part of mine.

Thank you, my friend!

:) Molly

Marilyn said...

a lovely post and I really like the quote from Mary Oliver.

Lori ann said...

cat cat, oh where is my comment?! i was sure i made it last night, while were in our motel in the mountains. when i read your post it made me have tears and then feel oh so grateful. thank you dear friend, for your friendship and for your always kind and heartfelt words.
lots love,

mairedodd said...

what a beautiful post... thank you cat for including me in your circle... but most of all, thank you for shedding your light, love and beauty on others... that is a gift ot us all...

Gaby Bee said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours; may the New Year keep you safe, healthy, and creating more art so I can continually be inspired.