Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wood Block Houses From ArtChix

When I received my package from Helga at ARTCHIX..
Oh Dear..so many treasures..so much to choose from..
what would I play with first?

These sweet little Wood Block Houses Kept calling out to me...

To find these Beauties Just click HERE

...So I painted and sanded and glued on pretty papers..

I made molds and ...

 and hammered words like ..."Seed","Core",and "Origin"...

 and I assembled,and stitched,and added more paint.

Oh dear...I could get used to playing with such sweet treats.

"Roots" Shadow Box
Measures 5" x 5" Created by using
Wood BlockHouses,paints,ICEResin,metal,mesh,transparency,beads,metal stamps,rusty wire,felt,wood heart,and paper mache box.

"No one comes from the earth like grass,
we come like the trees
we all have Roots."
Maya Angelou

As always,
thank you so much for stopping by


Jingle said...

AMAZING piece! I love it!!! Those blocks are just fantastic!

Katalina Jewelry said...


NuminosityBeads said...

I've just passed on the Versatile Blogger award to you. You can check out the details on my page if you wish.
Please don't feel obligated!
xoxo Kim

Katy Cameron said...

Oh this looks absolutely fab, love how you've used all the different pieces you were sent

yoborobo said...

I can't believe all the different things you made. You are amazing! :) xo

Lynn Stevens said...

Hi Cat, so great to see you stopped by. Thanks for your kind words!
I haven't been over for awhile. so doing some catching up on your blog! Love your box with the resin dolls, So creative.
How exciting having your pieces at CHA!!!! You are so talented!
I love playing with Ice resin too. So much fun.
Hugs Lynn

johanna said...

i also could spend a fortune at artchix *sigh*... i love what you made with that stuff!

Chris said...

Ahhh! I saw this finished piece on FB, but now I get to see your process~ Beautiful, inspiring, a joy to see the true artist you are! Love~~~~

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Awesome piece - love it.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Kass said...

Love what you did with these.

layers said...

Your joy and love for your assemblage and collage is visible to all of us.

Amanda said...

this is simply brilliant cat.....i marvel at this piece...where did you get the idea to use the words seed, core and origin?? however you came up with it, i just love it. visiting here is always like a breath of fresh air, your creativity ever springs anew....

Helga Strauss said...

Oh Cat, thank you so much for showing us what you made with the wood houses! You are sooo amazing!!! Soooo inspired!!! : )