Saturday, August 4, 2012

Miami Beach and High School

Before the kids go back to school we planned one last trip to Miami.
This shot was taken the morning we headed to the was early and the clouds had covered most of the sky...but when we stepped on to the warm beach sand the sun began to peak through and 
I was so thankful that I caught this beautiful moment with my camera.

The kids and I spent most of the time in the lovely water(That's why I dont really have any photos) and most of the time we shared the warm water with this school of fish that just seemed to follow Hannah around...oh how I wish I had a photo of the fish..Hannah would move and they would was wonderful.

It was a lovely trip to finish up the summer.
Can you believe the kids start school on Wednesday..
Yesterday we visited Hannah's new High baby is getting big..going into 9th grade.
What ever happened to Kindergarten?

Have a wonderful week friends.

As always,
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Katalina Jewelry said...

Looks like you had a wonderful end of the summer outing! It is amazing how fast the years go by and how big the kids get. I'm still baffled as to how it is possible that I have a 30 year old when I'm only 35!! :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shot nice to be at the beach with the kids - Hannah is looking so grownup! xox

kj said...

cat, that first b & w shot is amazing. how little the silhouettes look--and how vast the sky

what can be better than time at the beach? for it time changes when i;m there and so do my senses. i hear distant voices that make me smile. i feel warmth. and bobbing in that chill ocean is the best!

hannah is in 9th grade. this is teenage hood! i am surprised school has already begun. not so here until just before labor day.

happy remaining summer, cat. xoxox