Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I'll be the first to admit that my art does not flow out fact, it likes to toss and to turn and fight it's way to the surface. My head would prefer to rush things through but my heART likes to move slowly. It's taken me years,but I've finally come to terms with knowing that my creative process...takes t.i.m.e. Funny to admit that out loud.
Once in a very long while however, something wonderful happens.I create with simple ease, and in a matter of moments an idea pops into my head and I'm off and running. I savor these moments, because they are few and far between.
"Today" was one of those pieces. It flowed out like a river and led me to where I needed to be without much thought or energy. I only stopped at the very end,when figuring out what text to include. When I came across,"Today is full of Possibility" it just naturally seemed to fit. 
This "artist" is hopeful,she is determined and she has a library full of ideas floating around in her tiny noggin,waiting to come out. But she also understands the value of time and that it may not always work in her favor.She decides rather,to take each new dawn for what it can be... an opportunity to see the world with new eyes. 

I hope you like her. 

This Anatomy Shrine kit  already came with the a wonderful face die cut, but this time around I decided to cut off the top portion of the face and just leave the bottom portion.

I first glues on all sorts of Retro Cafe Goodies to the top. 
I glued on 
and more!
I also glued on seed and micro beads.

I then added two layers of Deco Arts White Gesso.

Next I painted it with Americana Multi Surface paint; Coastal Waters and Chartruese 
and let it dry.

I then added Deco Arts Carbon Black Antiquing Cream...

and after only a couple of seconds I removed most of it with a paper towel.
When Dry I watered down some Gold Metallic Lustre and sprayed it on the piece.

I highlighted some edges with white Gesso and splattered Deco Arts Media Magenta Fluid Paint.

I then added the same colors to Mini Black Scalloped Dresden and sprayed it with the Metallic Lustre. I added Dresden to frame out the shadowbox and also to the neck.

The inside of the box includes a Bird and Egg Paper Cut along with some crochet trim and beads.

and I finished it off with the perfect Tim Holtz words.

Lastly I used a white sharpie and added little details.

Retro Cafe Items used in this tutorial:
"Long ago God drew a circle in the sand exactly around the spot where you are standing right now. You were never not coming here. This was never not going to happen.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

Here's to making every minute count,


CraftyHope said...

Oh, it's lovely!! I do love getting a chance to see some of your creative process! Thank you.

Heather said...

The masterful use of layered color, shimmer, texture and form just satisfies the eye. Thank you for creating this hopeful and inspiring piece, and for sharing your process (and a glimpse into the inner workings) with us.

Michelle Gray said...

Love this! Thanks for showing some of the steps. Really helps to see how you accomplished the finished colors and textures. TFS!

Lynne Moncrieff said...

I am always fascinated to have an insight into an artist and their creative process.
This shrine is such a clever design but it is in your hands that it surely does come to life, I believe I can hear that wee birdie tweeting creative musings.
Stunning layers of various elements, coming together to create a narrative.
Very special!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

This is such a stunning piece Cat! And your step-outs are absolutely fabulous!!! This is definitely one of my favorite pieces of yours. So cool! xoxo

Kim Collister said...

You Rocked this Cat! I imagine that to be my head with a little bird inside singing me sweet whispers and inspiration whenever those doubts come in. Another "wow" creation! Xoxo

Osagegypsy said...

Love it Cat! And really appreciate your words! Art does not come easy and it frustrates me sometimes. But we have to keep on don't we? Doing the crap stuff before we get a gem. Thanks for the inspiration!

sheilaAR said...

Just lovely!! Thanks for the tips and inspiration. This piece really strikes a chord. xo sheila

Brenda Schweder said...

YOU amaze me!